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The girl points at Jamai. He leaves. Asmita tries to run after him. but runs. Asmita couldn’t see how it was. Paro says thank you for saving my toddler. Asmita says allow me to take her domestic. Asmita says sit down please.

Jamai comes domestic and tells Nevi that she stored Paro.

Asmita and Shan bring Paro to a sanatorium. Does Shan say why are you doing all this? She says for an innocent soul. Shan says you have a massive heart. Asmita says we must worry about Paro’s circumstance best proper now.

Mohit comes to the health centre. He calls Paro and is worried.

Asmita and Shan are there too. He sees them and hides. Asmita wonders if SHan is the daddy or Mohit. Asmita sees Mohit. He goes to Paro’s room. Asmita says why is he here?

Mohit says Paro open your eyes. Arohi you ok? Is our baby okay? Asmita is below the bed in preference to Paro. She comes out. Asmita says so it turned into your child and you were each trapping Shan? Do you have any shame? How should you not do it to your very own toddler? He says Asmita please pay attention.

Paro comes with the doctor. She says my child is best. where is shan? Asmita says why? He isn’t the father. Mohit is. Mohit comes in. Paro is shocked. Asmita says father is here. let me pass and inform Shan. They beg her not to inform everyone. Paro says please store my infant. they may kill her in the event that they discover. splendor might kill me please. Asmita says beauty? She says get up. Mohit says please store us and our toddler. Paro says she wants to kill my baby Asmita recalls beauty torturing her. Asmita says ok I wont inform all people. but you couldn’t blame shan in all this. you are fooling him. They beg Asmita to save their baby. Asmita says I won’t tell everybody. She comes out and says Shan didn’t do whatever.

The written update of 27 February 2019 Yeh Teri Galiyan episode story ends.

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