Yeh Teri Galiyan 29th April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Nevi says Asmita he loved you. Why did you do this. Shan he relied on you so much. Nevi says you made a decision to go on honeymoon. Nevi says Shan you’re a murderer. Asmta says he isn’t. Nevi says you destroyed a circle of relatives.

ladies such as you don’t deserve a own family. Nurse comes and says his circumstance is worsening. Nevi runs up. health practitioner exams him. Ridoy stops respiration. all of us is dazed. Ridoy moves his hand. physician assessments her. Asmita says Ridoy open your eyes. Your mother and each person is right here for you. they all love you. Please open your eyes once. Ridoy opens eyes. Nevi says Ridoy.. My son. Don’t ever depart me please. Ravindra holds his hand.

Asmita is available in temple. Shan says what he did with you.. it should be very tough for you. you still attempted saving his existence. Asmita says he loved you as a brother. He became an harmless man. we have made him like this. Asmita says this came about to his because I married him. We did this to him. he is your brother. we are able to fix him.

Nevi says to asmita don’t live on this house anymore. move returned have been you came from. Shan says your son is home not in jail due to the fact asmita is a pleasing lady. he attempted to pressure asmita. Nevi says this lady married him and went on honeymoon with him. Why did she marry him? I prevalent her for ridoy and she did this?

He attempted to come close to his wife. Shan says disrespecting a woman isn’t desirable. Nevi says she is decent in any respect. My son loved her that’s why she is here. She has to go away this house proper now. You have ruined my life. Shan says we wont go away this. residence. till Ridoy is higher I wont go away. he’s my brother. Nevi says this female wont stay right here. doctor says she will be able to’t go away. Ridoy began breathing due to the fact she changed into there. They run upstairs. medical doctor says he isn’t always in an awesome situation. If asmita is near he can be higher. Ravindra says asmita has to stay here for ridoy.

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