Yeh Teri Galiyan 29th July 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Shavankar comes and throttles Ravindra. every body says go away him. He says i will’t see a tear in my daughter’s eyes. Moushmi says we are on nandani’s side. asmita did all this. He says ask asmita to withdraw from this example. Moushmi says how could we? He says you need to do it. Ravindra says nevi please bring shan returned and ask asmita to resolve it. We must do it. Moushmi says they are having their a laugh there and we’re involved here with out a purpose. we might be wreck in this shan and asmita’s love.

ASmita is out of doors.. a few girls hit her. A lady says you are dwelling along with your lover? disgrace on you. Our men might comply with you. you’re from sona gachi. the man she is dwelling with is likewise married. you are so disgusting. We wont’ allow you to live here. They hit her.

Asmita says depart me. how can you do this to me. A woman brings razor and says we might shave her head and blacken her face. shan comes and prevents her hand. He shoves them and hugs asmita. The lady says her lover is here. You are so shameless. Asmita says please cross from here shan. Asmita says Shan for me, please permit’s pass from here. Shan says in case you dare touching my asmita again, i would smash your lives. Don’t dare pointing a finger at her. disgrace on you all.

Shan clothes Asmita’s wounds. Asmita holds his hand. Shan says i am sorry. due to me you have to put up with all this. they’re doing your character assasination. Asmita says you don’t ought to experience awful about it. we are able to make it through. i can die for you. Shan says in no way say it again. there is no existence with out you. He says why are you searching at me. Asmita says you ring a bell in me of Aru and chanda. they may by no means be one. He really cherished her. She in no way were given the sindur, love, the reliable status. I understand what that ache is. I recognise why she wanted to peer your sindur in my hairline. Who knew its really worth more than her. Shan says come.. Asmita says in which? He says let’s cross and fix the mistake we did.

Attorney says to nandani my consumer despatched it. signal it. Nandani says he can’t make me signal divorce papers. I wont go away him this easily. He can do what he want. received’t even allow him be asmita’s. He can do whatever he needs.

Shan says you’ll have your proper. I want to make you my spouse. he’s in temple. Shan puts a chunri on her. Shan holds her hand and takes rounds round hearth. He says i’d be with you in the whole lot. Asmita says all problem might undergo me first, He says i would guard you. ASmita says i might never doubt you. we might usually be one group. Asmita says in troubles and happiness. San says we might even die together. Shan hugs asmita. Asmita says the whole thing you’ve got is mine. Shan says there could be no false impression among us. shan says our love might be above the whole thing. shan fills her hairline.

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