Yeh Teri Galiyan 2nd August 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Asmita is choking. Shan is bound in police van. Asmita hacks. Shan hits cops. He says sorry I need to spare asmita. He runs. Aditya pursues him. Police pursue shan. Shan searches for asmita. Asmita is biting the dust. She reviews her minutes with Shan. Asmita breaks the chain and rope. Asmita hops off the flame circle. Shan keeps running from police. He says I am coming asmita. The hooligans see asmita. Asmita hits them.

A hooligan puts blade on her.. Hooligan says you are kicking the bucket today. He puts weapon on asmita. Shan comes and hits him. Asmita and shan both hit the hooligans together. A hooligan says there is bomb here. I will execute you both. He impacts the bomb. Asmita and shan run out. Asmita falls on shan. Shan conceals asmita from flame.

Nandani calls shan. sHe says for what reason is he not pickin. Shivankar says for what reason are you stressed. SHe says I am attempting to call the hooligan I paid to slaughter asmita. He says she is a cop. You can’t murder her. Shivankar embraces her. Asmita nd Shan keep running in the wilderness. It is drizzling.

Shan and asmita see a dull house in the wilderness. They come in. Nobody is there. Shan says Puchki would you say you are alright? Shan kisses her hand. He says I couldn’t be alive on the off chance that anything happend to you. Asmita says never state that. Nobody can part us. Shan says you stay here. Shan attempts to light fire there. He says improve? He touches her hands.

Shan says there are some garments there. Go chane. Asmita goes behind the window ornament to change. Shan changes outside. Asmita turns out.

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