Yeh Teri Galiyan 2nd August 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Shan looks as Asmita. the music dil sambhal ja zara plays. Shan and asmita study each other. Shan comes close to Asmita and kisses her. ASmita hugs him. Shan caresses her face.

Next morning, asmita wakes up and sees shan slumbering subsequent to her. Shan wakes up. Shan says good morning toddler. ASmita smiles. shan pulls her close. Shan says what’s the plan? She says permit’s settle here. that is a pleasing place. we can spend the life right here. we are able to try this best when we provide nandani her region and your relation ends together with her. Nandani calls on Shan’s variety. Asmita says shan she is crazy. Nandanu says Shan I want to speak to you once. He says after what you did do Puchki i can’t even listen a piece. Nandani says i’ve found out i was incorrect. i can’t stay with out you. i am leavin you. i can sign the papers. after which i can die. Shan says I don’t care.

Asmita says we need to go. Shan says no. I don’t care some thing she does. Asmita says no we should go. we are able to’t allow her harm herself.

Shivankar syas you can’t damage your self. She says would you do what I ask? He says yes.

Shan and asmita come to the hospital. Asmita says to aditya you’re searching out me and shan? Nandani is attempting to devote suicide. Aditya says another story? asmita says no please agree with me.
Shan involves room and says nandani.. where are you.. Shivankar comes with a knife in his stomach. Shan tries to assist him. Nandani says shan what did you do. You killed my dad. She screams. Police comes in Nandani says shan killed my dad. Shan says no after I came he was already stabbed. Nandani says he considered you his son. how are you going to kill him. You threatened him. You killed my dad. How should you. Shan says asmita I didn’t do whatever. Asmita says nandani shan can by no means do that. that is a false impression. Nevi says the whole thing is obvious. nothing is a misunderstanding. Moushmi says you chose your reality. Your blood by no means modified.

Nandani says to asmita you are answerable for all this. You asked him to do all this. Aditya arrests shan. Asmita cries.

Shan says asmita i will in no way try this. Asmita says I trust you. i’m with you.

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