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Asmita leaves Shan there. He sits down and cries. Shan says i can by no means ask you for anything God.

Asmita involves ridoy. She holds his hand. Asmita says i will live with ridoy and deal with him. even if it takes years I might be with him until he gets higher.

Nurse says Ridoy is conscious. they come inner. ridoy is hitting the medical doctor. He says you took me to health center proper? Asmita says ridoy leave the knife. allow him pass. He simplest attempted saving your life. Asmita takes the knife. medical doctor leaves. Ridoy hugs Asmita. He says don’t ever go away me. Asmita says I might be with you. you have to get better. Asmita says lay down. He says please don’t cross anywhere. He acts like a child.

Asmita facilitates Ridoy with the whole thing. Shan appears at them. She makes him consume. Days skip. Ridoy gets higher and starts offevolved strolling. Asmita makes Ridoy walk. Nevi slaps Asmita. she says what if he fell. Shan is about to combat asmita stops him. beauty says where is Paro? She suggests him her price ticket. Shan says she left the usa? you’re accountable for this. Ravindra says how is shan accountable? beauty says he became always no interested by her however married her? Asmita you may pay for this. shan says she ran due to her will. She had Mohit’s baby. She instructed me. She never loved me. I made them run so that they can stay in peace with their child. I don’t need them to go through like me and asmita. I helped her run. Ravindra says this became taking place in my house and that i didn’t recognize?

A girl comes. SHe says I need to speak to Ridoy. Moushmi says who are you? She says i am from sonagachi. Moushmi says now not each person can come here. Kick her out guards. Asmita asks who was she? Moushmi says no person. Khurana calls asmita and says your test is cleared. We don’t need to lose an officer such as you. We need to take you returned. Asmita says i am so happy. She says i am going to tell Shan. She stops.

Shan says to asmita i’m so happy for Paro. I wish our love wins too. Asmita says love wins besides. Shan says I don’t comply with all this. i like you. I need my love with me. Asmia says manage your self. Shan says God please get my Puchki lower back to me.

Precap Upcoming Yeh Teri Galiyan Episode Update: Asmita joins forces again.


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