Yeh Teri Galiyan 30th July 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Asmita is outside a few ladies hit her. A young lady says you are living with your darling? Disgrace on you. Our men would tail you. You are from sona gachi. The person she is living with is likewise hitched. You are so disturbing. We wont’ let you live here. They hit her.

Asmita says leave me. How might you do this to me. A lady brings razor and says we would shave her head and darken her face. shan comes and stops her hand. He pushes them and embraces Asmita. The lady says her darling is here. Both of you are so indecent.

Asmita says please go from here shan. Asmita says Shan for me, it would be ideal if you how about we go from here. Shan says in the event that you dare contacting my Asmita once more, I would demolish your lives. Try not to set out pointing a finger at her. Disgrace on all of you. Shan dresses Asmita’s injuries. Asmita holds his hand. Shan says I am grieved. On account of me you need to endure this. They are doing your character assasination. Asmita says you don’t need to feel awful about it. We will endure. I can kick the bucket for you.

Shan says never state it again. There is no existence without you. He says for what reason are you taking a gander at me. Asmita says you help me to remember Aru and chanda. They would never be one. He truly adored her. She never got the sindur, love, the official status. I recognize what that torment is. I know why she needed to see your sindur in my hairline. Who knew its value more than her. Shan says come.. Asmita says where? He says we should proceed to fix the slip-up we did.

Legal advisor says to nandani my customer sent it. Sign it. Nandani says he can’t make me sign legal documents. I wont leave him this effectively. He can do what he need. won’t let him be Asmita’s. He can do anything he desires.

Shan says you will have your right. I need to make you my significant other. He is in sanctuary. Shan puts a chunri on her. Shan holds her hand and takes adjusts around flame. He says I would be with you in all things. Asmita says all inconvenience would experience me first, He says I would ensure you. Asmita says I could never question you. We would consistently be one group. Asmita says in inconveniences and satisfaction. San says we would even kick the bucket together. Shan embraces Asmita. Asmita says all that you have is mine. Shan says there would be no misconception between us. shan says our adoration would be above everything. shan fills her hairline.

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