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Shan says she was in no way your spouse. ridoy says she is my spouse. whatever you had is over. SHe has pass and she wants to start a brand new life with me. She did a lot for you however you never gave her returned. You couldn’t stand for her. you’ll be Paroo’s infant’s father. live away from Asmita. She is coming again and anybody in opposition to her would be my enemy. SHan says she is mine. Ridoy shoves him. Shan shoves him lower back. Ravindra comes and says what’s happening right here. Ridoy says people who’ve hassle with me and asmita are lifeless for me. SHan says i have to talk to her and make her understand. she will’t do that.

Shan is on his manner. Paro comes in the front of her automobile. Paro says Shan what will I do. what will manifest to my infant. We ought to do paper paintings. Shan says we are not married legally. He suggests her the papers. They don’t have signatures collectively. Shan says you may stay your life with mohit. a person hits shan on head. It’s splendor. He faints. He says Shan and Puchki will never be one. splendor says now you may inform anybody you did this so that you can live his wife. And he shouldn’t be conscious.

ASmita opens the door. It’s Nevi. NEvi says I heard you’re here so I came. Are you loopy? Why do you wanna be Ridoy’s spouse and you watched Ridoy’s barat will go there Asmita says sure it’ll. What is incorrect? Nevi says i will reject this marriage. ASmita says riody doesn’t care about you. You don’t have alternatives. Nevi says what is going to you be in that house? Shan’s lover or ridoy’s wife?

Shan is roped. He calls Neel and tries telling him but thugs comea and take his phone.
Nevi says anything you had with Shan is over. Asmita says he is not anything to me after Chanda’s demise. Nevi says i’m accepting you for Ridoy. She gives her shagun. She says i can accept you as Ridoy’s spouse. in case you hurt him this time i can smash your life.

Precap Upcoming Yeh Teri Galiyan episode update: Asmita gets married to Ridoy.


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