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Asmita says this dia is of my and shan’s love. no one can blow it. Nevi blows it. but not anything happesn. Asmita says see. Nevi says fact is Shan is married to Nandani. nowadays is their wedding ceremony night time. you have to decorate the room for them. Nandani is so over-excited. She is in love with Shan. how are you going to keep Shan from an obsessed lover? She leaves.

Nandani is on her bed. a person is available in. She does her ghunghat. It’s Thaku ma. Nandai says what are you doing right here. i’m so excited Shan ought to be comin any time. Thaku ma locks the door. Nandani says what are you doing. Thaku ma breaks the vegetation. she says you won’t’ have a wedding night time this night. Nandani says why now not. I married him. Thaku ma says I don’t suppose he could come. Nandani says how can he no longer.

Thaku ma says you have to chill out. watch for him. Nandani says what are you announcing. Thaku ma says he’s proud. He would come to you whilst he is familiar with you’re a pleasing woman. you can’t be hasty., Nandani says i get it. I may be as you need me to be. i’m able to make Shan mine. Thaku ma hugs her. Nandani says i’m able to kill every person if he doesn’t grow to be mine. thaku ma says you simply ought to live calm.

Shan recalls the whole lot that befell. He hits his hand at the pillar. asmita comes and says why are you hurting your self. He says i am so sorry. You were insulted because of me. i’m so satisfied Ridoy is returned but I sense weird seeing you as his spouse. How do I convince my heart. this feeling i have while you are in the front of me. What do I do with it? He hugs asmita. Asmita says in heart our love will win. Shan says I have to control my emotions. otherwise, you’ll be insulted and that i received’t be capable of cope with it. He leaves. Asmita smiles. She says thanks, God. His coronary heart is usually mine.

Ridoy turns the lamp on and stale. he is on his chair. He recalls Shan about to fill asmita’s hairline. He recollects what beauty said and Moushmi saying Asmita loves Shan.
Shan is ingesting. He remembers his moments with Asmita. He says i really like you asmita. I recognize you are Ridoy’s wife. however i’m able to’t see you being accused. I ruined the entirety. He drinks greater. Shan says what must I do. My heart beats for Asmita. i love her and that i do. nothing can alternate that.

Asmita comes to the room. Ridoy opens the light. Asmita is scared. Ridoy receives up. Asmita recalls Ridoy seeking to rape her. ASmita runs outdoor. Ridoy holds her hand. Asmita shoves his hand. Asmita says don’t come near me or i can.. She choices the knife. Asmita says don’t come close to me. i can kill you this time. Ridoy holds her hand. Asmita says depart my hand. he is taking the knife from her. Asmita says don’t come near me. Ridoy kneels down and gives the knife to her. He says you can kill me if you need. however please concentrate to me once. What came about with you.. What I did. It became so wrong. i was wrong. i’ve remorse. I feel guilty. i am now not a that bad guy. I don’t deserve your pardon. Forgive me for what I did. I realize you and SHan are made for each other. i’m able to unite You and Shan. i will unite my Ram and Sita. Asmita is dazed.

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