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Asmita says I believe you. I stand by using you. Police arrests Shan. Asmita says i’d get you out of it.
Shivankar funeral is being carried out. ASmita touches his feet and cries. Asmita says you couldn’t ever be my dad but that doesn’t trade the reality that i am your daughter. My mother loved you, therefore i’d do my duties as her daughter. i might find your real killer and punish them. Asmita takes the mishal. Nandani comes and says supply it to me. Asmita says I recognise your pain, however that received’t trade the truth that i’m his daughter. Please permit me do it. Thaku ma says let her Nandani. Asmita fires the frame. Nanddani cries. Asmita says in heart I know nandani killed you. Shan won’t pay for her sin. Nandnai says i’d do it for you papa. Your dying wont’ cross in useless. i would part Shan and asmita.

Asmita says nandani I know we couldn’t be sisters. however I know you killed papa. Nandani is bowled over. Nandani says move arrest me. I did it, arrest me. sure I killed him. What can you do? asmita slaps her and says how ought to you hunch so low. He loved you a lot all his life. Nandnai say what else could I do? He promised me he might do anything to get me papa. you are chargeable for all this. Nandani says I misplaced him because of you. I wanted to kill you. however who knew Shan would live for you. I had to element you so I needed to kill papa. Asmita says is this love? Nandani says yes i really like him. Asmita says are you crazy? you obtain him in a murder case. She says the whole thing is truthful in love and war. Nandani says if he can’t be mine, he cant be yours. Asmita says he received’t be absolutely everyone’s. Nandnai says most effective i will shop him. i have the evidence that he didn’t do it. so that you have t beg for his life and freedom from me. i would forgive him. you would additionally have to move far from Shan’s life all the time. Do you like my plan? Asmita is about to slap her. Nandai shoves her hand. Asmita says I gained’t let you be close to shan. i might prove him innocent. just wait and watch. you will be behind the bars. Nandani says you’ll beg for his lifestyles.

Ridoy tries to hire a attorney. He says to Ravindra no one is taking the case. they are saying it’s quite clear. Ravindra says who killed Shivankar. Shan can’t do that. I have to store him. Ravindra says please shop Shan.

Nandani involves a attorney. she says you need to prove shan responsible. you could’t lose this case. He says this is such an clean case. but he is your husbadn. Why do you want to get him convicted? She says do what i am paying you for. no person might take this case. i’ve paid each attorney. you need to win this case.

Nandani says i will win my struggle.

Asmita is in court. Nandani says looking for a attorney? Who could take his case? It’s a lost purpose. i have a present for you. She shows a rope to asmita and saays select one. Shan could be hung frmo it. Shan might be convicted. He made a mistake with the aid of rejecting me. you have got only one alternative. Beg for his lifestyles and depart him. i can let him pass. you can shop him. Asmita says God please display me a way out.

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