Yeh Teri Galiyan 5th August 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Asmita awakens and sees shan resting beside her. Shan awakens. Shan says great morning child. ASmita grins. shan pulls her nearby. Shan says what’s the arrangement? She says how about we settle here. This is a pleasant spot. We can go through the time on earth here. We can do that lone when we give nandani her place and your connection closes with her. Nandani approaches Shan’s number.

Asmita says shan she is insane. Nandanu says Shan I need to converse with you once. He says after what you did Puchki I can’t hear a work. Nandani says I have acknowledged I wasn’t right. I can’t survive without you. I am leavin you. I will sign the papers. And after that I will bite the dust. Shan says I couldn’t care less.

Asmita says we need to go. Shan says no. I couldn’t care less whatever she does. Asmita says no we need to go. We can’t let her mischief herself. Shivankar syas you can’t hurt yourself. She says would you do what I inquire? He says yes. Shan and asmita go to the clinic. Asmita says to aditya you’re searching for me and shan? Nandani is attempting to end it all. Aditya says another story? asmita says no please trust me.

Shan comes to room and says nandani.. Where are you.. Shivankar accompanies a blade in his stomach. Shan attempts to support him. Nandani says shan what did you do. You executed my father. She shouts. Police comes in Nandani says shan murdered my father. Shan says no when I came he was cut.

Nandani says he thought about you his child. How might you execute him. You undermined him. You murdered my father. How might you be able to. Shan says asmita I didn’t do anything. Asmita says nandani shan can never do this. This is a misconception. Nevi says everything is clear. Nothing is a misconception. Moushmi says you picked your world. Your blood never showed signs of change. Nandani says to asmita you are in charge of this. You requested that he do this. Aditya captures shan. Asmita cries. Shan says asmita I can never do that. Asmita says I confide in you. I am with you.

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