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Sheela says in which is your Asmita now? Why is she now not coming. Shan says why do you keep insulting asmita? who are you to hold pointing arms at her? Ravindra says why do you hold saying silly things about asmita. Sheela sauys she maintains fooling you. Can’t you all see she doesn’t even need to come up and sign. Nevi says you have no proper to insult asmita like this. Sheela says whose spouse is she even thinking about herself. Shan says sufficient. Asmita comes. She says what passed off? Nevi says not anything. She says come signal the papers.

Asmita sits with Ridoy to signal the papers. Ridoy says i am so satisfied. Shan remembers filling her hairline. She seems at the pen Khurana gave her. Bua by way of mistake spills hot tea on Jamai. He screams. everybody gets busy with him. Asmita takes out

Shan’s papers and signs and symptoms them. Bua smiles at her. Asmita symptoms Ridoy’s papers and says in heart it might disappear in a bit and best Ridoy’s will stay. Ridoy signs too. Nei says congratulations absolutely everyone. they’re all married according to law too.

Nevi makes everybody eats goodies. Asmita hugs Bua. She says congratulations on being Shan’s wife legally too. She hugs her and says my prayers are with you always. Shan wonders why are they so satisfied? splendor says to Paro why have been you taking his aspect. I should discover what is that asmita upto. Now you spot what I do.

Asmita tells her plan to Khruana. She says we should capture Nevi red passed. I need your assist. She says please believe me i’m able to cope with tis.

Ridoy says I simply need to attention on met and asmita I desired to go with her on a honeymoon. I don’t wanna stay right here. people say weird matters about me. Shan says they are saying stupid matters. Shan hugs ridoy. Ridy says i am hoping she turns into mine. We recognise every other intently. I wanna understand what she likes nad what she doesn’t. Shan says i’m with you. Shan says in coronary heart why Ridoy talkin approximately Asmita is making me indignant. Shan says allow’s plan something as soon as those rituals are over. Ridoy says you’re the satisfactory. you may plan the whole thing. thank you. He hugs Shan.

Asmita looks at the box and says thanks sir for agreeing to me.
ASmita places headphones anywhere inside the house. She says Nevi needs to be stuck. Paro coems there.

Yeh Teri Galiyan 5th February 2019 Written Update Precap:

Yeh Teri Galiyan 5th February 2019 Written Episode Update

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