Yeh Teri Galiyan 6th August 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Nandani comes and says offer it to me. Asmita says I know your torment, however that won’t change the way that I am his little girl. It would be ideal if you given me a chance to do it. Thaku mama says let her Nandani. Asmita fires the body. Nanddani cries. Asmita says in heart I know nandani executed you. Shan won’t pay for her wrongdoing.

Nandnai says I would do it for you daddy. Your demise wont’ go futile. I would part Shan and asmita. Asmita says nandani I realize we couldn’t be sisters. Be that as it may, I realize you murdered father. Nandani is stunned. Nandani says go capture me. I did it, capture me. Indeed I slaughtered him. What would you be able to do? asmita slaps her and says how might you stoop so low. He adored you so much for his entire life. Nandnai state what else would I do? He guaranteed me he would successfully get me dad. You are in charge of this. Nandani says I lost him as a result of you. I needed to murder you. In any case, who realized Shan would live for you. I needed to part you so I needed to execute daddy. Asmita says is this affection? Nandani says yes I cherish him.

Asmita says would you say you are insane? You got him in a homicide case. She says everything is reasonable in affection and war. Nandani says in the event that he can’t be mine, he cannot be yours. Asmita says he won’t be anyone’s. Nandnai says no one but I can spare him. I have the verification that he didn’t do it. So you have t ask for his life and opportunity from me. I would excuse him. You would likewise need to leave from Shan’s life for eternity. Do you like my arrangement? Asmita is going to slap her. Nandai pushes her hand. Asmita says I won’t let you be close shan. I would demonstrate him honest. Simply pause and watch. You would be behind the bars. Nandani says you would ask for his life.

Ridoy attempts to contract a legal advisor. He says to Ravindra nobody is taking the case. They state it’s very clear. Ravindra says who executed Shivankar. Shan can’t do that. I need to spare him. Ravindra says please spare Shan. Nandani goes to a legal counselor. she says you need to demonstrate shan blameworthy. You can’t lose this case. He says this is such a simple case. Be that as it may, he is your husbadn. For what reason would you like to get him indicted? She says do what I am paying you for. Nobody would take this case. I have paid each legal advisor. You need to win this case.

Nandani says I will win my fight. Asmita is in court. Nandani says searching for a legal counselor? Who might take his case? It’s an acts of futility. I have a present for you. She demonstrates a rope to asmita and saays pick one. Shan would be hung frmo it. Shan would be indicted. He committed an error by dismissing me. You have just a single alternative. Ask for his life and leave him. I will release him. You can spare him. Asmita says God please demonstrate to me an exit plan.

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