Yeh Teri Galiyan 7th August 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Nandani says what is she announcing. judge says do you’ve got any evidence? Asmita says she confessed in front of me. Nandani says she has lost her mind. lawyer says do you have any evidence? Asmita says yes.
Asmita asks nandani to come in the witness box. Nandani says my papa become my hero. Asmita asks her you known as Shan throughout the homicide night. she says I don’t do not forget. ASmita says i have name data. Nandani says he had to be there. lawyer says this doesn’t suggest whatever. Asmita shows them cctv photos of that night. judge sees it. Asmitta says you have been with your dad all that time. lawyer says no nandani left for the take a look at. i have police officer.

Police officer comes. Asmita says swear on your uniform and tell me did you are taking nandani to lav for test? She says sure we went to the lab but we got here again. choose says meaning she wasn’t even there. you’re wasting courtroom’s time. we can provide the decision the next day.
Asmita comes to Shhan. Police takes him.
Asmita sees him and cries. Ridoy says everything might be exceptional. Asmita says we don’t have time. we need proofs at any fee.

Ridoy says what are you announcing.. You all this Shan can murder? You don’t trust your very own son? Shan can in no way do that. Moushmi says asmita you left this residence. you can’t come here, our doorways are closed for you. Ridoy says wait. Don’t forget about this is my house. that is house and business is owned with the aid of shan. he could decide who can live here and who can’t. Asmita says let it’s. i will cross from right here. Asmita says i’m able to get shan out of prison. You all hated me
It kills me to see Shan away from this house. i will get shan out of jail. Nevi says why are you doing this drama. Shan could by no means pop out of jail. Shan is on this circumstance due to you. Asmita says I know but I also know, i can get him out of it.
Ravindra seems at her.. she leaves.
Riody says she continually stood by way of him not such as you humans. He can never do this sort of factor but his family doesn’t agree with him.

Shan is in prison. He remembers his moments with asmita. Asmita comes. she says you leave out me? He says sure. Asmita hugs him. Shan hugs her. Asmita says i can get you out of right here. there is a new happiness coming in our existence. Now don’t cry. She hugs him.


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