Yeh Teri Galiyan 7th August 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Lawyer says Shan was associated with another young lady outside his marriage. Shivankar did whatever it takes not to do that. Consequently, he executed Shivankar. He calls Aditya. Attorney asks him, did Shan undermine Shivankar? Adituya says indeed, he undermined shivankar. He says now I would call Ravindra in the observer box. Ravindra coems in observer box. Legal advisor asks has shan hit his better half? He says yes this is valid. Shan has hit her. Lawyer says he has an extramarital illicit relationship and he lives with that lady? Ravindra says yes that is valid. Lawyer says here are the rental papers of the level. How might a dad endure his SIL living with another lady and hitting his significant other? He took a stab at addressing Shan and shan assaulted him.

Asmita says I need to ask Shan a couple of inquiries. Asmita asks what occurred therE? He says when I went into that room it was dull. Shivankar was wounded as of now. Lawer says was there another person? Shan says no. Legal advisor says so he cut himself? He says the lady he is engaged with is asmita. Shan says I cherish her. try not to say a word regarding her. I will murder you. He says another passing risk. Judge says shan you have to control yourself. The court goes for break.

Asmita comes and embraces sHan. She says I will fix everything. Your Puchki is constantly here for you. He says I confide in you totally. ASmita says I need to reveal to you something. A police officer comes and asks asmita to leave the room. sHan ponders what did she need to tell.

Hearing begins once more. Asmita says there is no observer. There is no confirmation agaisnt shan. Attorney says he has the blade in his grasp. Try not to waste court’s time. At the point when the case is so clear we needn’t bother with an observer. All of a sudden somebody tosses in smoke bomb. Everybody hacks. Asmita is cut. she shouts. The Lawyer takes out her blade. Asmita gets up. She says sorry it was each of the a show. Ridoy tossed that bomb. Asmita says as he didn’t cut me yet there is blade in is hand. Same occurred with Shan. He attempted to facilitate Shivankar’s agony. shan is being caught. Judge says do you realize who is the killer at that point? She says yes the killer is in court, it is Nandani. Everybody is entranced.

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