Yeh Teri Galiyan 8th April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Asmita shoves Shan’s hand and leaves. shan says you will comprehend our love quickly. I recognise you could’t stay far from me. you’re my spouse i can win you again. I ought to in no way damage my mom.

Ridoy says to Nevi thank you for getting me married to Asmita as I desired. Nevi says i’m scared. Shan might create a brand new drama like he did at the marriage. I don’t want to look you harm. I don’t recognise what to do. Asmita loves shan. Ridoy says she did not all of us. Nevi says i’m a mother, just concerned for you. He says I won’t allow anyone come closet to her. She is handiest mine. I ought to get equipped for my reception. He leaves. Nevi says reception my foot.

Ridoy and Asmita dress for the reception. they arrive downstairs maintaining palms. lighting go off. Ridoy is going to check.

Shan holds Asmita’s hand. Asmita says leave my hand. He says i am your husband why need to I? She says you could’t try this. lighting activate. Shan leaves. Ridoy says is everything k? She says yes. Asmita walks in maintaining Ridoy’s hand. sHan sits and drinks in a corner.

Asmita and Ridoy cut cake and make each different consume it. Nevi says why is Shan so calm what’s he planning. Ravindra says to neel keep a watch on Shan. Shan says i’ve a special statement to make for my brother and most lovely female Asmita. I wanna take you all back to my early life. He performs his formative years pictures at the screen. He says this is my buddy. She were given to knew what’s in my heart before all of us. We played Radha and Kishan. She says Shantanu and Puchki. Moushmi says looks like Shan and ASmita’s reception. Ravindra throws it away and says are you in senses. Asmita is Ridoy’s wife prevent this drama. Shan says this isn’t drama. She is my spouse. Ravindra slaps him. He says enough. Ravindra asks all visitors to depart. Asmita says to Shan what do you observed of yourself. i am Ridoy’s wife. He says you are my pal. My love. She says live for your limits and in no way strive crossing them. Shan laughs.

Paro says to Shan why did you do that. You shouldn’t annoy asmita like this. Ridoy is available in and says I need to talk. Shan says I dont’ need to talk to you. Ridoy says I wont forgive you for this drama. Shan says stealing my spouse would? Ridoy says she is my spouse and in no way dare saying some thing about her.

Asmita says to chanda’s photo why does my coronary heart ache? Shan has to pay to your death. Nevi says to RIdoy you need to open your eyes.
Shan comes to room. Asmita is asleep.

Precap Upcoming Yeh Teri Galiyan Episode Update: Shan comes close to Asmita. He says tonight is ours. Asmita says live faraway from me.


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