Yeh Teri Galiyan 9th August 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Legal advisor says I need asmita in observer box. Asmita comes in the observer box. He asks Asmita what is your connection with ridoy? Asmita says he is my ex. We are great companions now. Legal advisor says amazing, great companions? How would you have everything so unadulterated? You wedded Ridoy, at that point had an extramarital relationship. You have a child with Ridoy as well. Asmita says this case isn’t about me. He says you captured Shan right? Asmita says yes I did. He says why? ASmita says I thought he murdered Ridoy however he was absolved. Furthermore, Ridoy is alive.

Legal advisor calls Ridoy in observer box. He says did your sibling Shan had a go at murdering you? Did he push you. Indeed or no? Ridoy says yes. Legal advisor says Shan had a battle with you right? What was it about? Ridoy says that is among us and it is settled at this point. It has nothing to do with this case. Legal counselor says what occurred between two siblings that one needed to push another. ridoy says his goal wasn’t to slaughter me. Ridoy says it is a distant memory. Legal counselor says it was a direct result of Asmita right? Reveal to us right. Ridoy says yes. He says I adored asmita. I and Shan had a battle. however, me tumbling from that point was a mishap. Legal advisor says the sibling is attempting to spare Shan now. THe thing is, Shan taken a stab at slaughtering Ridoy in light of the fact that he divided asmita and him. What’s more, presently Shivankar. Nothing could easily compare to his relationship and any individual who comes in the middle of, he executes that individual. He is psyscho and a risk to society. ASmita says all you are about is exchanges. You don’t have any verification.

Basu says I have verification. Two cops acquire a container. Judge opens it and shouts. It’s a snake. Aditya shoots it. He says this is a phony snake. Judge says what are you doing Basu. He says I was attempting to demonstrate my point with a show I think asmita prefers it as such. This snake was a danger to you. So you took a stab at murdering it. Shivankar was a danger to shan. so he executed Shivankar. The court is dismissed till lunch.

Nandani says to asmita, did you pick the rope? Asmita says I wont’ need it. Nandani says this carelessness. Shan will be indicted. He would be hung. No one but I can spare him. Spare him in affection, in some cases you need to lose. Ask to me. Or on the other hand you know whether I can murder my father, I can slaughter anybody. Pick what do you need. asmit says I am a cop and I don’t bow to wrong. Nandani says on the off chance that this is the thing that you decide for him, at that point OK.

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