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Naina and Sameer fight for the duvet. She taunts him for losing money and for taunting his wife. He calls her a idiot to no longer understand who he is. They argue over silly stuff. Sameer manages to take the quilt. She shouts after him to sleep downstairs any more. He returns to tell her no longer to shout. i am sleepy.

Devang asks his father if he dint scold Naina a little too much these days. Mama ji says be glad your mom wasn’t here. She had informed me that this marriage wont ultimate for greater than 6 months. earlier they have been mad for every other and now they may be mad at every different. I knew that Sameer can not alter in his life. We tried so hard however he became so keen to leap on this well. he’ll understand the fact once this fever is down. Devang concurs. Why did you have to name him to manufacturing facility? Mama ji tells him that he did that so one can make certain Sameer never demanding situations them for his right. He does now not realize some thing and neither does his wife. Devand is relieved.

Next morning, Sameer asks Naina why she left all of the containers open. I wont make this. She replies that she does not have many tantrums. i will control with bread and milk. He taunts that it’s miles because she wont need to took then. She nods. i was like this earlier than marriage too. I dint alternate atleast. Your thoughts and temper remains sour always. He says it will likely be so seeing your antics. Mami ji is proper. Chachi ji has no longer taught you some thing. I noticed it due to the fact we got married. You is probably a college topper however you fail on this exam. She walks away in a huff.

Preeti tells her mother they cleaned the house properly. Bela says we saw it with our eyes. We got insulted so much. We have to have taught you and Naina in advance. i will educate you the whole lot from today onwards. Preeti asks her if she isn’t getting too critical. Bela says it isn’t clean to run a family / residence. we’re already worried because of Bhaisahab and Bhabhi ji. Preeti assures her that Sameer and Naina are extremely good buddies. he will manipulate the whole lot. Bela says friendship and marriage are various things. Sameer regarded

Voiceover – Naina:
it is stated that Ma can sense the problem that the youngsters are about to fall into. That day, Chachi ji felt a few threat even after being to date from us while Sameer and that i couldn’t see it even after staying together.

Sameer finds Naina packing her luggage. what is all this? She replies that she is displaying him her authentic colorings. You dint see it before marriage. He asks her why she is packing her suitcase. She replies that she does now not desire to stay with him. You maintain taunting me all the time. I dint recognise that your love will vanish very quickly. i’m going to my Chacha ji’s house. You can’t love me like him and make fake promises. I don’t want to live with you. He taunts her for being egoistic and not saying sorry even as soon as. She walks away whilst he’s still speaking.

Bela is education Preeti on how to prepare dinner. She keeps a jug subsequent to her. Preeti says i am not thirsty however Bela tells her to knead the dough with water. make sure no flour is left at the plate. Preeti makes a face. Bela tells her to knead it in an similarly fluffy manner. Preeti shows inviting Naina over. Bela tells her in opposition to it. They get hold of a courtroom order.

Naina has packed her bag ignoring Sameer’s phrases and heads downstairs. He pretends to have experienced a jerk. She runs again to him in situation. He holds her hand. Don’t depart me. fight with me, hit me however please don’t go away me. He hugs her tight. Nanu left me. I handled myself because you had been iwht me. I dealt with myself while mom left me because you were with me. Who will contend with me in case you depart me? i will wreck apart if you go away me ever! She asks him why he fights along with her then. He guarantees not to fight along with her ever once more. i will continually love you. Will you grow to be my Cheeni ki Bori. He lifts her on his returned. Hum Bane, Tum Bane song plays as he swirls her across the room. Kanji watches them in simple surprise. Sameer places Naina down.

Preeti asks her mom who is it. Bela sits down in shock. Preeti runs to her facet seeing her hence. Bela murmurs that they may need to visit prison now. We got courtroom order. Preeti reads it. Bela asks her for a way long will they must be in prison. Preeti says Tau ji sent it on Papa’s call. Bela panics and begins mumbling random stuff but Preeti gives her water. She calls Anand next.

Voiceover – Naina:
Preeti nevertheless tells every person that incident with a laugh. On a critical observe, it wasn’t incorrect for Chachi ji to get scared. It was no longer a common sight returned in the ones days after all!

Sameer asks Kanji wherein he turned into. you’re coming returned in five days. We were given in so much trouble in particular your Bhabhi. She got scolded a lot. Kanji asks him who scolded her. He tells her not to speak an excessive amount of. i’m able to come up with everlasting leave in case you take go away again. I can not see Naina getting concerned. He appears at Naina who smiles returned at him. Kanji is going to do his paintings. Naina takes Sameer together with her.

Kanji is cleansing the kitchen. he is keeping staple meals in the drawer. Sameer tells him to throw it and biscuit packets. They were open for too lengthy. Naina motives they are able to devour it but Sameer does not want to devour them. Naina and Sameer deliver contradictory orders to bad Kanji. Sameer is throwing antique / expired stuff away which upsets Naina. meals in no way expires. humans expire. Kanji asks her if meals also expires. Sameer factors on the expiry date.

Voiceover – Naina:
Sameer saved our dating from expiring that day after throwing food away however till whilst. We had our own approaches of living / managing lifestyles. He knew a way to spend cash with each his fingers and that i knew a way to save them.

Naina stops Sameer. it is like disrespecting food. He reasons that they’ll fall sick if they eat this now. Kanji asks him if he too shouldn’t devour it.

Sameer tells Naina to put together his tiffin. it’s far my first day in office.

January 1, 1995 – I couldn’t forget about that day ever. I felt so grown up that day whilst making his lunch. I continually dreamt of that day seeing Chachi ji put together lunch for Chacha ji. That dream fulfilled that day.

Precap: Sameer tells Naina she has time to speak to absolutely everyone except him. He makes her flip towards him and finds her in tears. What passed off? She takes Anand’s call.


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