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Gopal tells Rakesh he has most effective one dream now – to look his son turn into a large superstar! I need to peer his name at the large display screen. Aditya cries and hugs his Baba. Sameer is emotional too. Gopal calms his son. Will you shop some for the general public or no longer? Aditya smiles via his tears. Gopal asks him to come back home. I have to read paper too. He goes. Aditya hugs Sameer and Rakesh separately. thanks, uncle. Rakesh blesses him. Aditya leaves. Sameer notices Rakesh stroll away teary eyed.

Bakshi is telling Naina’s story to his senior on cellphone. Naina overhears him talking as she stands at the door.

Voiceover – Naina:
I had heard that humans replica in assessments however this cheating became some thing different. i used to be questioning that you meet problematic human beings in existence now and again and you need to become like them to address them. I known as Vanita as she changed into skilled.

Naina calls Vanita and tells her everything (in mute). He ought to have appreciated the concept in front of all of us however he is imparting this idea earlier than the channel as his personal. Vanita tells her to be happy questioning she has the great of being a great creator. He has simply stolen one idea. Your brain remains with you. you’ll write new memories. Naina smiles. Why dint I suppose like this? Vanita replies that it’s far because she does no longer have her mind. Naina indicates her to become a creator too but Vanita denies. i’m a secretary and i am glad with it. They cease the decision. Naina is stunned to see Sameer there. She even avoids looking him in the attention. He stocks that Gadkari uncle is taking Aditya domestic. She is concerned that his audition might not appear if someone sees him along with her. He tells her that he has already were given the decision. She gives him the script and gives him a seat. Bakshi tells Naina to expand her story idea further and pen it down. It wasn’t that true however you need to increase it. She nods. Sameer complains about the severa scripts she has surpassed him but she tells him to read they all. Bakshi tells Naina to hold the script on his desk by the next day and leaves. She consents. Sameer asks Naina to come back for a small birthday celebration dinner. She tells him to go beforehand. i will be a part of you. He tells her to come back soon and calls her Mrs. Maheshwari. Naina steps out of the office warding off all people’s eyes. Sameer follows her cutely.

Naina and Sameer come to a eating place. She notices him counting his cash with a tensed face. She unearths out that he has Rs. two hundred and exams her pockets too. She has Rs. 150. He smiles saying that it’s far sufficient. They area the order. She orders one roti pronouncing that sharing strengthens the bond. Sameer smiles listening to it. They even devour from the same plate. They order one dessert. with the aid of now, the waiter repeats Naina’s communicate himself. they all smile.

next day, Aditya and Sameer are at Naina’s workplace for his or her audition. Naina meets Sameer. She tells him that no person right here knows that they are husband and spouse. They shouldn’t understand or you wont be able to give audition! He shows her the script. it’s miles different than what you had stated. She edits it together with his inputs. He says I can not consider the way you become a author.

Voiceover – Naina:
In our tale, there has been a man in the back of the a success girl and a female in the back of a a hit man. We constantly stand by every different’s aspect strongly to assist the opposite achieve what they want! That day we made a unique, special sort of expert Jodi!

Naina offers the paper to Sameer. He asks her if she will come to want her good fortune before the audition. She nods.

Naina offers the new script to her colleague to provide to every body. Sharon is handing Sameer his script. He tells her that he already has a great script. She tells him to take the script which is for everybody. we can decide which one is right / better. Bakshi questions Naina about the script. She stocks that the given traces weren’t matching the primary script. If we deliver the identical strains to anybody then there could be no foundation to judge them. Aditya and Sameer discuss Naina’s condition. Bakshi maintains to reprimand Naina. Who did you ask before changing the script? Do you know the script higher than me? She apologizes to him. i can provide the vintage script to absolutely everyone. He does not want her to confuse them anymore. simply paintings with what you have got. Sameer is about to go meet Naina when a woman asks him if he is prepared for audition. He concurs. Naina desires him success mentally. He offers audition and then walks away. Aditya looks on.

Naina asks Sameer about his audition. He says how it’s going to pass. You dint want me properly luck. perhaps they dint like my appearing. It changed into just an audition! She says it is important that you get the role. Sameer asks her how lots time it will take. She shrugs. i can find out. Naina asks Sameer to head or someone would possibly see them. He assures that no one right here will find out that she is his spouse. She says troubles floor with out announcing or doing something right here. I don’t want some thing to move wrong now. we are able to communicate in nighttime. Bakshi has overheard the entirety. The girl taking auditions asks him about the auditions. He tells her something in mute.

Channel’s senior and whole group watches the auditions collectively. Naina waits with bated breath. Senior asks Bakshi if this is all. Bakshi nods however Naina factors out that he ignored seeing a few of them.

Precap: Bakshi asks Naina if she thinks her husband is big name material. he’s 0. you may double pass me for him? Naina glares at him.


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