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Sameer is talking to Naina from factory. She asks him if he ate meals. He nods. It became tasty. She asks him while he’ll return. He gives to come back right away but she suggests him to cognizance on work. He speaks of his nighttime plans for love. She asks him what she have to put on in evening. He tells her she appears proper in the whole lot. He all of sudden seems at his feet. where are my socks? It seems to be his creativeness and Sameer is requesting socks in truth from Naina. She asks him who assessments socks each day. He tells her to kind ironed garments on every occasion they come in. How long does it take? She arms him a couple of white socks. look well earlier than soliciting for something.

Bela is mumbling to herself. She is freaked out. Anand feeds her water. You agree with me right? We still have 24 hours. Preeti tells him to speak to Rakesh. He additionally has a share in it. Anand replies that he has executed it already. Plus he is in Lucknow right now. It wont be right to disturb him. Bela tells him to sell her bangles but he reminds her they are for Preeti’s wedding. Preeti additionally tells her father to apply that jewellery. we can see about my marriage later.

Sameer surprises Naina with a wall full of their pics. She smiles widely. They appearance lovely. He says they’re much less adorable than you. Did you like the surprise? She nods. a touch less than you! They proportion a watch lock. She notices an empty body. He calls it an automated body as their mirrored image shows in it. it’ll reflect our modern-day moods routinely. They make faces and smile.

Naina desires all the exceptional to Sameer just while he is ready to leave. He hugs her and is reluctant to move but she pushes him closer to the door. call me from your cabin similar to Salman Khan called Madhuri in Hum Aapke Hain Kaun. He coughs like shown within the movie.

Sameer is welcomed grandly by using Mama ji and Devang. Mama ji is certain his Kaku Sa have to be thrilled seeing him in manufacturing unit nowadays. He introduces Sameer to every person. He tells Sameer that he’s being welcomed with claps today however from tomorrow his work will determine what he will get. Ashok takes Sameer to reveal him his seat. Sameer is headed in the direction of the cabin however Ashok points at the desk proper out of doors Mama ji and Devang’s cabin. Sameer does now not appear satisfied. He recalls Naina’s request. Mama ji notices Sameer’s sullen face and asks him if some thing is inaccurate. One has to start from the scratch to experience the growth up the ladder. that is Kaku Sa’s concept. He made me take a seat on the equal seat after I got here to office. He advised me to research everything like a servant. Being the leader wont help you analyze something. Don’t take it wrong way. all the pleasant. Sameer shakes hands with him. Mama ji and Devang pass again internal.

Mama ji and Devang are laughing seeing his accounting paintings. We ought to take 1 lac 12 thousand from this organization. you have got stated that we should pay it to him. Sameer says sorry to him. Mama ji says even the tea supplier right here wouldn’t have done this. He tells Devang to double take a look at each document organized through Sameer from today or he wont sit down right here. He advises Sameer to consciousness on paintings. Sameer leaves quietly.

Voiceover – Sameer:
I neglected Nanu very tons that day. If he became here then he might have made me take a seat subsequent to him and explained the entirety. he wouldn’t have made fun of me like Mama ji. I felt the worst that day instead of what I felt during my school or university. I propose each teenager to recognition on studies in conjunction with love existence.

He tries dialling out to Naina but it’s miles busy. Don’t recognise who she is speaking to.

Naina is speaking to Preeti and finds her lost / tensed. She asks for Bela but she tells her to call a bit later. Naina asks her if Bela remains disenchanted together with her. Preeti denies. She is busy. talk to me. Naina asks for Bela again and Preeti makes every other excuse. Naina deduces she is hiding something from her. Will you inform me or shall I come over? Preeti isn’t keen to proportion however Naina offers her swear. Preeti eventually tells her everything. Naina scolds her for telling her so past due. i’m coming proper away. Preeti tells her towards it. Papa wont find it irresistible. He made us swear we wont inform you. Promise you wont tell him anything. Naina promises her. Sameer tells Naina she has time to speak to anyone except him. He makes her flip in the direction of him and finds her in tears. What passed off? She attempts to dismiss it but he asks her if she turned into missing him. She turns to convey tea for him. He comes to a decision to ditch manufacturing facility from tomorrow if it bothers her. Is everything high-quality? She shares that Bela and Anand are very involved. He asks her to carry her necklace. we might go back it to Chacha ji. She denies. I promised Preeti we wont do some thing like that. He speaks of returning money however she desires to assist Anand in a manner which also does now not ruin the promise she just made to Preeti. Sameer receives an idea.

Anand asks Sameer why he referred to as them suddenly. Bela asks him if the whole lot is satisfactory. Sameer assures them that the whole thing is satisfactory until the time he has Jhansi Ki Rani on his aspect. Sameer tells Chacha ji he wants to give him some cash. Flashback shows Sameer thinking to top off money in empty envelopes and supply it to Chacha ji as the marriage shagun. She motives they cannot pay him specific 50k. He tells her they’ll deliver 48-49k about. She is touched by way of his gesture. He turns to go to financial institution when she says i really like you to him. He jokes that every woman says that to him. She makes a careworn face. He says i love you too to her and runs. Flashback ends.

Sameer and Naina tell Anand they got this cash in shagun. We dong need them in the meanwhile. Anand looks at the envelopes. It is right which you attempted to assist. i am elder to you and more skilled. We can’t receive this. Sameer acts innocent but Anand tells them they can’t take it. It isn’t shagun. I noticed the incorrect names and understood everything. we will discover a answer if we fell in a trouble. Don’t fear. He returns the envelopes to Sameer. Sameer shares that it changed into his first day in manufacturing facility. permit’s communicate business. either make investments it somewhere or take it on interest of one.5%. it’s going to serve both the motive. Naina nods. we’ve this a whole lot right. Anand and Bela smile.

Voiceover – Sameer:
Naina and that i tried to be a mature and ideal couple that day. We dint comprehend you don’t grow mature in an afternoon. It comes step by step. existence taught us the whole lot slowly.

Precap: Naina tells Sameer he enjoys spending money. I thought you will want to apply them in each possible manner. She points at the notes on the plate. Use / consume it whichever manner you want to. Kanji and Sameer look at Naina.


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