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Bela and Anand appearance after their guests. Naina brings a smile on Bela’s face and dances on Mai ni Mai track. Rinki plays guitar and all the visitors swing to the song. all of the women join Naina inside the dance. Bela hugs her as the track involves an give up.

Mama ji asks his wife approximately the librarian. He isn’t coming the following day proper? What’s his call? Mami tells him. Mama ji broadcasts that Naina’s father Rakesh Agarwal wont come tomorrow or in every other feature. it will make our features higher. Mami asks him how he knows it. Mama ji says I recognise the whole lot. not anything can be hidden from me. It wasn’t going to be hidden for too long anyhow. Mami ji asks him how the marriage will manifest while the daddy of the bride wont be to be had. Mama ji calls it better as there will be no fuss now. It isn’t a small factor. Father isn’t allowed in his very own daughter’s wedding ceremony. Mami ji says i am certain Naina’s Chacha would have concept it wont be counted if he comes or not. he will no longer be spending a penny within the wedding in any case. The visitors snort. Sameer and his buddies experience bad. They resume the sport. Sameer remembers his convo with Anand on phone.

A woman asks Bela why she known as them here if they desired to disrespect them. Bela apologizes to them. Anand offers to go and produce milk. They overhear the guests speaking approximately the difference between a father and a Chacha. He would have scolded everybody however could have gotten everything arranged. Anand and Bela feel terrible.

Voiceover – Naina:
people can forget small problems but the mehendi changed into due the following day. A father changed into very plenty important in his daughter’s wedding / mehendi lower back in the ones instances!

Beena is having problem searching after all of the guests herself. Tau ji tells Arjun to take a few mattresses upstairs. let me realize if you want greater. Arjun nods and leaves. Beena complains to her husband about the difficult work she has carried out in an afternoon. Tau ji tells her that Anand will come very soon. the following characteristic will appear in Sameer’s house. There could be questions. visitors might need to understand why the father of the bride dint come. Anand will come ultimately. Rakesh is in our palms. He wont budge.

Sameer calls at the landline. Bela selections the call. She recalls her convo with Vishakha. the wedding is best 2 days away. You ought to no longer speak to each different until then. you have to adhere with the aid of the limits. Sameer is careworn. Bela says I wont be able to explain something to you after what your mother said. i’m just telling you to no longer to talk on cellphone with Naina until the time you both get married. She ends the call as Phula Bua calls her. Sameer is careworn. Munna and Pundit come upstairs searching out Sameer. Sameer is concerned if Rakesh ji will come the next day or not. His buddies reason that Rakesh ji could be very stubborn. no person could make him recognize.

Juhi desires satisfied Birthday to Arjun at the hours of darkness and asks him to cut the cake. it’s miles a way of life in overseas. He tells her it does not happen in Ahmedabad but she tells him that complete India will start this tradition very quickly. Beena was passing with the aid of and prevents to have a look at them. Arjun asks Juhi who instructed him about his birthday. She factors at his identification in her hand. They get busy talking. Beena makes a stunned face.

Voiceover – Naina:
Weddings convey tensions and romance too. My wedding added lots of tension and a romance changed into additionally budding. these days the guests live outside whilst in the ones days the visitors used to stay together in a single huge house or your private home. The situation was really worth a watch!

visitors are complaining / asking for for something or other every so often. Mehendi female asks Naina if she have to write Sameer in Hindi or English. Rinki jokes that he appears just like Salman Khan. Write that. Naina declines. Preeti and Naina speak approximately it cutely. Preeti concludes that she will get Salman Khan written on her hand. You write Sameer. Naina asks her what Sameer will like. Preeti shows calling Sameer. Naina factors out that the telephone is a ways from where she is sitting. Preeti gives to name Sameer and ask him. i will then let you know loudly. Naina replies that everybody will know this way. Preeti is aware her point. Naina tells her an concept in her ear. Preeti teases her on her idea. most effective a love struck woman can think of it.

Sameer says a good day to Naina full of love. Preeti passes on the message to Pooja who passes it onto Swati. It is going in addition from Swati, Rinki and Kamya to Naina. Sameer next says i like you to her. Preeti cutely says i love you too to him. He reminds her to pass it to Naina. Preeti sweetly does so. Sameer’s next message – Sameer needs a! Naina passes on her respond to him – do you need a slap? Preeti asks Sameer what he’s inquiring for. He tells her to invite her sister.

Voiceover – Naina:
I agree with cell telephones shouldn’t have existed these days or this change might have in no way passed off.

Naina asks her question thru her pals – need to she write S in Hindi or English. Sameer chooses S in Hindi. The design selected by Sameer is a coronary heart wherein S desires to be written.

Voiceover – Naina:
everybody asks Salman Khan simplest one query these days – when he’s going to marry! If I had gotten the mehendi of his name that day then i’d have been the primary woman to get it achieved.

Voiceover – Sameer:
i was also no less than Salman Khan. Naina become certain to get a mehendi with the initial S simplest.

Precap: Kamya and Rinki dance on Didi tera dewar deewana tune.

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