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Senior asks Bakshi to name the selected candidates but Naina factors out that he ignored seeing some of them. Sharon reasons that Sir will best see the auditions which have been shortlisted by means of Bakshi Sir. Bakshi suggests Sameer’s audition calling it a humorous one. Naina says this one changed into taken for the role of protagonist. Bakshi says his acting is just too humorous. He looks as if a facet actor. His senior speaks in any other case. His seems and performing is pretty correct. I think he is suitable for the position of one of the friends of hero. Bakshi has no alternative however to shrug. i can finalise extra alternatives. The meeting is over. all and sundry leaves. Bakshi asks Naina if she thinks her husband is famous person fabric. he is zero. you will double cross me for him? Naina glares at him. You dint show him Sameer’s audition deliberately! Why are you disposing of your anger on him? Bakshi replies that Sameer’s appearing is such that everybody became laughing on him. maintain this audition like a comedy movie to entertain yourself. He walks away in a huff.

The women are taking walks inside the garden. they are discussing about their family. Preeti also joins them. She shares that a circle of relatives came to see Tanvi. They once more complained about her complexion. Vanita says such things wont depend in destiny.

Voiceover – Naina:
Vanita had an perception for the whole lot. She said some thing similar again then. ladies aren’t judged today the way they had been judged returned then! nowadays they have an entire sky to spread their wings!

Naina comes domestic with a heavy coronary heart. She calls out to her Papa and Sameer. hearing no response she thinks that Sameer isn’t home however Aditya, Rakesh and Sameer come there retaining plates of meals and bloodless drinks. They bounce with Naina. She asks them why they are celebrating. Aditya says you’ll proportion right news about our audition. Rakesh asks her to inform them. Naina lies that it’ll be checked and analysed tonight. It does not happen in a single day. Rakesh says I may want to take a look at such a lot of papers in an afternoon. What to do about this meals now? Aditya says we are able to devour and sits down subsequent to him. Naina excuses herself. Sameer is positive Naina is hiding something from them.

Sameer refuses to eat with out Naina. She tells him that she is tired. He asks her in many instances but she does no longer react / share a lot. He holds her sweetly. I dint get the position right? She tries to ignore his question but he makes her spill the reality. He tells her to jot down his script in destiny. They feed pastry to every different. Naina tells him that she is certain he’s going to bag a position quickly. He assures her that he will attempt his best always. relaxation now. You spent the complete day in office! You don’t need to cook dinner. She too guarantees to be by means of his aspect usually. He tells her to cognizance on her process. Tum Kya Mile Jaan-e-jaan plays inside the historical past as they proportion the pastry and some cute moments collectively.

Naina comes to Bakshi’s cabin. He asks for notes of remaining assembly. She replies that she dint write any. He asks for the reason. She says you took the notepad as you can not apprehend my Hindi. He name callings her on her tantrums. I wager you need an assistant. I may be your assistant. She apologizes to him but he tells her to cognizance on work rather of getting her husband here for audition! She gives to write it for him. He tells her to relate it but she does not don’t forget anything. He continues taunting her over Sameer. She tells him not to convey Sameer among all this over and over. He asks her if he can’t use his name within the communique whilst she will carry him right here for audition! Your husband and your writing are worst! She walks out of his room wiping her tears. She meets Sameer within the corridor. He understands her pain well. Did Bakshi misbehave with you on the audition day as nicely? She attempts to ward off the subject but he desires to confront Bakshi right away. She tells him to attention on his dream or he might not get even one chance in the enterprise if something goes wrong. He motives that nothing is greater than her for him and takes her with him.

Bakshi is speakme to someone on smartphone. Sameer disconnects Bakshi’s name. Bakshi asks him to leave quietly or he will throw him out of office. Sameer tells him no longer to speak about dignity. you have to earn it. Bakshi asks Naina if she thinks Sameer gets the function by coming right here. remember it nicely that people like you need us and no longer vice versa! Naina replies that they don’t want his assist. Sameer will get a position on the basis of his performing. Sameer says you suspect Naina does not write well. we are able to preserve a competition right away where both Naina and you may write a tale immediate! it’s going to show who’s proper. Naina sits right down to write. Sameer asks Bakshi if he is too bowled over to react. Bakshi asks them what they need to show. Sameer says to show that nothing subjects. She asks Naina to write down everything that she thinks about Bakshi at the resignation paper. Naina writes that Bakshi takes gain of his juniors. He asks for story thoughts, calls it rubbishes, indicates the junior down and then sells the tale to his seniors calling it his own. I too want to develop but not via pulling every person down! Bakshi glares at Sameer. Sameer offers him the letter. I don’t care if you don’t like my performing however we’re satisfied that Naina isn’t running with a person like you! all the staff individuals have amassed out of doors Bakshi’s cabin Naina and Sameer flip to go when Bakshi threatens them. I realize the complete enterprise. i can see who will give you work! Naina says we accept as true with our skills more than your contacts. we can get paintings foundation our hard paintings and expertise.

Voiceover – Naina:
A small, brave step can pull you out of your trouble in case you trust your self and do now not need to lose your self recognize. Sameer and that i were feeling comfy as we had been now not with Bakshi but there was something to worry about – how can we run the house now?

personnel individuals take a look at Naina and Sameer as they walk out of Bakshi’s cabin. every person claps for them. Naina and Sameer preserve hands.

Voiceover – Sameer:
Our existence can be going thru a difficult patch but we had determined no longer to surrender at any fee!

Sameer dips Naina’s toes in hot water. She seems at him sweetly.

Precap: Naina spplies something on Sameer’s face and clicks his photo. He makes her take a seat down and leans nearer sweetly.


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