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Naina involves kitchen. Sameer peeks at her from the eating table. Naina seems on the bins.

relatives and Mami ji make amusing of Naina’s hair. Bela sits there quietly. Poonam attempts to go within the kitchen to help Naina however Mami ji does no longer allow her. She is a topper in the end. She wishes no help. Bela nods worriedly.

Naina starts making halwa.

Anand and Bela supply shagun to all and sundry. Bela tells Anand she is worried about Naina. What if some thing is going incorrect with the halwa? He reassures her it’ll be first-class.

Sameer is sure Naina will make a mistake much like she made along with her hair. Munna and Pundit don’t accept as true with him. What has perming got to do with halwa?

Naina is going outside to ask Mami ji about dry end result. Bela tastes halwa and realises that Naina hasn’t

added sugar. She is about to feature it whilst she heads Mami ji coming there. She tells Naina to feature dry end result in properly quantity. She takes her together with her to convey crockery.
Sameer too comes in the kitchen and scents halwa. He tastes it as properly and finds accessible isn’t any sugar in it. This girl has to make a few mistake! he is in a repair as to how a whole lot sugar to feature and provides 2 tablespoons of sugar. He turns and finds Bela at the door. They both misinform each other as to why they got here here. Bela adds sugar as consistent with her measurements.

Mami ji tells anybody to get prepared to eat Naina’s halwa. Bela praises it ahead however then covers up while Mami ji asks her suspiciously. Sameer too praises the halwa. Mami ji asks him if he had tasted it. He nods but then covers up saying that he ate it lengthy ago at Naina’s house. relatives make amusing of Sameer. Mami ji calls out to Naina who tells her it is going to be ready in 5 minutes. I can’t flavor it as it is to be presented in Bhog as well. She recalls that she hasn’t added sugar and adds (greater) sugar. She thank you God for reminding her on the proper time.

Voiceover – Naina:
What takes place while 3x sugar is added in a halwa?

Naina and Sameer provide bhog to God. Naina tells him it is his turn after God. taste it and tell. Her dupatta falls down that very moment and Sameer receives angry.

Voiceover – Naina:
we’ve heard that one turns irritated if hair falls in the food but no person ever were given angry by using just searching at your hair whilst ingesting meals. Anger indeed makes things worse. Seeing my coiffure, Sameer became indignant that day however I had to face the more serious! i would have realised that the halwa is too tasty if he had tasted it. I wouldn’t have to endure each person’s sour phrases then!

Mami ji asks Naina to serve halwa to all of us. Naina complies. Mama ji is inspired with the aid of the perfume and color. he is taking a chew and stops. all of us is going quiet the moment they take the first chunk. Mami ji is eagerly awaiting everybody’s response but nobody is in a position to say something. family bitch that the halwa is too sweet. Bela, Sameer and Naina consider the quantity of sugar that they had delivered. Mami ji asks Naina if she added an entire sack of sugar in it. Mama ji taunts that the quit result of patience is virtually too sweet. He continues the bowl down and tells Vishakha she got an amazing DIL. She does now not understand a way to manipulate her hair or prepare dinner halwa. Don’t know how she can have a house! Mami ji name callings Sameer. this is what love marriage means. Naina gets teary eyed. Sameer turned into disenchanted until now however now receives concerned for her. Naina made this halwa for me. She thoroughly knows i really like more sweet halwa so she brought more sugar in it for me. I simplest informed her to make it this way. A relative asks him what about her sugar degree. Sameer fortunately eats halwa. Munna and Pundit be part of their buddy.

Voiceover – Naina:
That day I understood that husband and spouse might fight with every other however they grow to be a protect for each other while a 3rd person attempts to insult both of them. Sameer did the same for me that day. I wrote a shloka that very second after I noticed Sameer consuming halwa specially for me.

Sameer finishes the whole bowl and compliments Naina in the front of every person. Anand and Bela look on sweetly. Munna and Pundit compliment Naina too. Sameer feeds a chew to Naina. He whispers to her that he loves her and he can not see every body disrespect her. It does now not imply that i have forgotten all about your coiffure.

Preeti teases Naina that Jija ji may be very candy. Naina tells her to be quiet. Bela tells Naina that they in no way needed to listen some thing due to her in college or college. I heard so much in someday! Preeti jokes that no person will say anything to her after her marriage then as she has been a awful youngster to date. Anand smiles. Bela rues that everyone will blame her and Anand handiest. Naina pacifies her with a hug. I promise it’ll by no means occur again. Anand asks Bela if she dint train Naina how to make halwa. Bela accepts her mistake. Naina says I additionally delivered three tablespoons of sugar. Why did you flavor it without offering to God? Bela replies that at instances a mother also forgets God with regards to her daughter. Naina hugs her sweetly. Bela and Anand pass interior.

Naina tells Preeti she turned into lacking very a good deal. Preeti says i used to be also missing you very a lot. Naina jokes that she became missing the swing. i will ask Sameer to get one in our home too. Preeti asks her about her honeymoon plans. Naina is certain it wont take place as Sameer is already no longer speakme to her well because of this coiffure. Landline rings. Naina tells Preeti to pick it. he’s going to once more scold me for my hair. Preeti tells her to pick it however Naina denies. Preeti shakes her head firmly. Naina stands up in sluggish movement however Anand alternatives it before her. it is Sameer most effective. He palms over the telephone to Naina. Naina is ready to take the cellphone once they overhear Tai ji dispensing sweets to all and sundry. She speaks of Juhi and Arjun’s alliance. Anand tells Sameer a person is here. i’m able to ask Naina to name returned. Sameer consents however is certain Naina has made Chacha ji lie too. she thinks it’s going to not make me angry but she is wrong!

Anand and his family watch Tai ji talking about Juhi and Arjun’s alliance to a neighbour. Rakesh dint find his form of SIL. We atleast got him a DIL of his desire.

Precap: Bela asks Naina why she took off mangalsutra. Naina says I dint take it off. They begin looking for it. Bela scolds her over it. Sameer over hears it and asks Naina if she lost her mangalsutra.


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