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Naina is following Kanji whilst he cleans the residence. Sameer tells Kanji to pay attention what Naina is announcing. Kanji does so however it cracks the carpet. Sameer is irked. He tells them that the vacuum cleaner cleans carpet. Naina says first you use vacuum cleaner and you then spend power to smooth cleanser. He insists that it how it is to be cleaned. Don’t fear about power. just do as I say.

Kanji serves paper currency to Sameer in breakfast. Sameer questions Naina. Naina tells Sameer he enjoys spending money. I notion you would want to use them in every feasible way. She points on the notes at the plate. Use / consume it whichever manner you need to. Kanji and Sameer examine Naina. Sameer is ready to dip the notes in tea however Naina takes it away. She serves him breakfast.

Anand is also eating breakfast whilst Tai ji and Tau ji enter. Tai ji scoffs them again. Bela invitations them for breakfast as well but Tau ji coughs to stop his spouse. Tau ji asks Anand if he got court word. Will you return the cash or fight with us in courtroom? Anand replies that they don’t realize how to combat. permit the ones people combat who recognise the way to! He arms his brother 50k cash. they’re shocked. Anand asks his brother to write it on paper that he took 50k from him. Tau ji asks him if he’ll make him write. Anand says i’ve learnt it from you best. He publications his brother as to what to write down and watches closely as his brother drafts the letter. He throws the record on desk rather than giving it to Anand and leaves.

Sameer reaches office. Mama ji asks him which new automobile he is shopping for. Sameer is careworn. Mama ji says i am sure you bought a necklace for Naina as you recently got married. I went to financial institution these days. manager informed me which you withdrew 50k. Is the whole lot first-rate? Sameer says he took it for a few non-public work. Mama ji says it’s miles your cash. you can use it but you desire to. We don’t mind it but the authorities does! What have to we label this rate as? Sameer sits there tensed. Mama ji asks him if he used that cash for gambling. Sameer admits that Anand needed that money. Mama ji asks for more details. Sameer tells him everything.

Voiceover – Sameer:
it’s miles said that you shouldn’t disguise some thing from your loved ones but it isn’t proper mainly in relation to humans like my Mama ji. I did the worst component with the aid of telling it to Mama ji that day.

Mama ji compliments Sameer on what he did. Kaku Sa must be thrilled. Bless you. Sameer requests them no longer to tell this to all of us. Mama ji and Devang guarantee him about it. Sameer heads back to his table. Mama ji mumbles that everyone simply desires to spend money.

Bela tells Preeti about a potential groom. Preeti wants a guy from Bombay. this is my want! Bela says it is as though all people residing in Bombay is waiting to marry you. Preeti indicates her to look forward to a while. Why did you call them the following day? Bela motives that matters wont finalize so without difficulty. it’ll take time. Anand says things will simplest be taken ahead if you like the fellow and his family. Preeti hugs him fortuitously. Bela additionally hugs her daughter.

Voiceover – Sameer:
Many people idea that we wont continue to be married for even 6 months. We wanted to prove every body wrong but as an alternative we have been proving each other incorrect. Our life had turn out to be a curler coaster ride!

Naina sits leisurely inside the residence after Kanji leaves.

Mama ji scolds Sameer on his some other mistake. He peeks at Naina’s photograph in his wallet to hold himself grounded.

At night time, Sameer and Naina observe the blank body and make faces. There are instances once they sit next to each different however then on a few days, they sit in two separate corners of couch after they get indignant. Days skip via and they have their share of americaand downs.

Mama ji introduces some man to his colleagues. Sameer stands there with an prolonged hand however Mama ji introduces Devang to the guy. He praises his son in front of him. Sameer stands there with a immediately face. Mama ji tells Sameer he dint introduce him to that man deliberately. He could have requested you about commercial enterprise and you’ll have been clueless. i’m sorry in case you felt awful but it was the proper aspect to do. Sameer overhears his Mama ji mocking him in front of Devang.

Voiceover – Sameer:
i used to be very sad with Mama ji’s behaviour. I couldn’t even tell Naina all this. I dint desire to disenchanted her. I additionally dint want to tell her that the Sameer who failed in the checks in faculties and college changed into failing in the examination of life too!

Naina makes Kanji cowl the sofa using plastic and cloth pieces. Naina says Meenakshi aunty sat on the couch with dirty legs. Sameer could have complained of the stain if he had visible it. He may be happy now. Preeti and Kamya are upstairs. She is going to cook dinner some thing for them. Sameer and his pals come with a load of kites. they are excited about flying kites. Sameer’s friends tease him on Naina’s respond while he calls out for her. They see the couch packed and surprise why they are carrying raincoat. Kamya shares that Naina positioned them so that they don’t get grimy. Naina and Pundit slide down it. Kamya reminds them of an incident wherein Naina had not let them take off the covers from the new car. She teases Sameer calling him middle magnificence. Sameer removes the covers angrily.

Voiceover – Sameer:
Naina thought properly and desired to shop the couch from dust however she only got my stares in return. Naina ought to be wondering that her suitable deed went down the drain at the same time as i used to be questioning that Naina’s efforts went in drain because of what I did!

Precap: Naina, Sameer and their friends fly kites on their house terrace. Sameer kisses Naina sweetly as they fly the kite collectively.


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