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Sameer calls a beauty parlour to discover if they are able to straighten her hair or now not. They inform him that they grow to be normal in 3 months. He sits down dissatisfied. Munna and Pundit ask him if he isn’t going to get prepared to convey Naina home. Sameer refuses to deliver her again till the time her hair are satisfactory. They ask him if he is under the influence of alcohol. He says I panicked seeing a scratch on my head and she ruined her hair completely. They ask him who he will visit Ooty with. the whole lot might be first-class whilst it’ll be just you two. Munna and Pundit dance crazily on Ye Haseen Vaadiyan song. Sameer can’t stop thinking of Naina’s curly hair. Sameer ends up switching off the player. No way no! They surrender. Munna asks Pundit to come with him until airport. we will

Voiceover – Sameer:
A man can see something getting cancelled however no longer his honeymoon. He can not even pay attention it much like I couldn’t hear it.

Pundit is certain that Sameer will no longer cross however Munna is superb he will cross fortuitously.

Tai ji says Naina made Rakesh shed tears of blood however Arjun could be the cause of his happiness.

Voiceover – Naina:
on every occasion i was disillusioned and wanted to cry loudly, i’d lock myself in my lavatory and cry my coronary heart out. I had three motives to cry in any case. One, Papa did now not come in the wedding ceremony. two, Sameer turned into angry with me and 3, my coiffure!

Arjun and Juhi knock at the bathroom door. Naina hugs them separately. Juhi compliments her coiffure. You look much like Madhuri Dixit. Naina smiles. Juhi apologizes to her for now not coming to her wedding. Congratulations. Naina congratulates them too. Arjun stocks that Papa instructed them now not to inform anybody. Juhi points out that this changed into Tai ji’s circumstance. Rakesh Uncle needed to skip the kanyadaan ritual because of Tau ji and Tai ji’s situation handiest. Arjun says we’re sick fated. Brother couldn’t are available his sister’s marriage and now you wont be able to come in your brother’s marriage. Naina hugs him again. My accurate wishes are always with you. Juhi and Arjun go away before Tai ji calls them. earlier than going, Juhi whispers glad Honeymoon to Naina.

Vishakha and Bobby argue over staying for every other day in Ahmedabad. He tells her to stay for her son’s happiness if she wants to but he wont. She tells him it is just about an afternoon but he tells her it’s far about his heart. i am accomplished. He pushes her but Sameer holds her in time. Bobby says be cautious however it’s miles too late. Sameer throws Bobby’s suitcase angrily. Don’t you dare enhance your voice once more or i will destroy your hand! Bobby speaks badly about him but Sameer says the identical to him in return. He holds Bobby’s pointed finger angrily and warns him to be in his limits. It wont be excellent for you if I forget about the honor that elders deserve! Vishakha sends him away by some means. Bobby additionally walks away in a huff.

Naina is prepared. Bela offers Naina a notebook wherein she has written how to take care of her home. Preeti asks her if it additionally mentions something about honeymoon. Naina and Preeti maintain pointing at every different that the other individual became inquisitive about it. Bela glares at them one after the other. Bela asks Naina why she took off mangalsutra. Naina says I dint take it off. Preeti says you might have taken it off at the same time as bathing however Naina declines. Bela scolds Naina for being careless recently. They begin searching out it. Bela scolds her over it. Your in-legal guidelines will think that we kept it because it turned into of diamond. Sameer overhears it and asks Naina if she misplaced her mangalsutra. The girls panic. Bela tells Sameer that it is going to be right here simplest. Naina maintains her stuff and forgets occasionally. Preeti tries to cowl it up however fails miserably. Bela sends Preeti to deliver snacks for Sameer and takes her with him. She gestures Naina to find the mangalsutra asap before they go out. Sameer looks at Naina pointedly. She notices him staring unhappily at her hairdo. Naina is going in the washroom.

Sameer thanks Naina’s family for the meals. Preeti finally ends up speakme about Chop-soy. Anand asks her about it. Preeti replies that that occurred before wedding. it is reliable now. anybody smiles. Preeti proposes to visit honeymoon with Sameer and Naina. Bela reprimands her for being insensible every time. assume earlier than you speak occasionally. Preeti asks her parents why she cannot go with Naina on her honeymoon while she has long past anywhere with Naina till date. Naina comes there simply then. Sameer intentionally asks her if she discovered her mangalsutra. Anand scolds Naina for her callousness. Sameer tells him to permit or not it’s. whatever needed to happen has took place. I don’t care about all this but Mummy and Mami ji will now not adore it. They thought she is accountable that is proper but they will be harm as mangalsutra is the brand of a marriage. I don’t believe in it but they do. Anand nods. He once more scolds Naina for no longer paying interest but Sameer tells him to allow it’s. Anand looks unhappily at Naina. Sameer smiles. all people is asking at Naina who is looking at Sameer pointedly. Sameer concurs to pacify his mom and Mami ji. Naina is calling at him quietly / angrily and vice versa. Anand tells Naina to discover the mangalsutra. How typically will Sameer manipulate the state of affairs? Naina is making back to again mistakes. Naina goes. Sameer nods at Anand.

Bobby calls his mom to tell that he’s coming home. Vishakha will stay right here along with her son from now onwards. Vishakha questions him on his selection. he is unhappy as to how she forgot him in all the rituals. Sameer misbehaved with me right now but you dint say anything! She speaks of Sameer’s behaviour. Bobby says throughout our marriage I absolutely advised you he wont stay with us. I did whatever I ought to for him however he maintains on insulting me each unmarried time. I took him to Delhi and bore his each tantrum to your sake however you just cannot take care of him! I wont undergo it anymore. i’ve decided that now you will stay together with your son for all time. i can go back to Delhi by myself. that is my last choice.

Voiceover – Sameer:
people are the simplest creatures who do no longer apologize even after knowing that they are wrong. i was doing the same component with Naina.

Sameer asks Naina if she located the mangalsutra. She tells him she couldn’t discover it. Scold me as I ruined my hair first and now i’ve lost my mangalsutra. She does no longer let him communicate. i’m no Madhuri Dixit but I want to be one on your sake so I attempted perming. i’m simple female. i’m no longer clever such as you and might never be. I best desired to appearance suitable which I shouldn’t have attempted at all! you could locate someone else if you need a stunning woman. you still have time. You have been disappointed with me when I needed you the most. You were irritated with me! You can’t see me on this hairstyle right? Come again now simplest while my hair are quality. Now pass and allow me locate my mangalsutra!

Precap: Sameer shows Naina to check for her mangalsutra internal her. She appears at him in confusion.


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