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Naina and Preeti positioned their babies at the bed. there may be a photograph of Naina and Preeti’s early life at the wall in the back of the mattress.

Voiceover – Sameer:
We idea of Naina and Preeti’s Jodi seeing the brother and sister collectively nowadays.

Naina and Preeti play with the infants even as Sameer and Rakesh look on.

At night time, Suman begins crying in the nighttime. Naina wonders if the baby is hungry or is experiencing belly pain. Rakesh wakes up hearing her cry as properly. Can they no longer hear her crying? He makes a decision to check himself. He knocks at their door. Sameer tells Naina to calm the daughter. Sameer opens the door for Rakesh. He selections her up in his hands. i can show you the way kids are pacified. Sameer and Naina get inspired as Suman calms down in a 2d. Sameer calls him professional. Rakesh replies that he has raised youngsters. we can be counted three in case you consist of Sameer within the listing. he takes Suman outside. Sameer and Naina comply with him. Rakesh is singing a lullaby. Sameer says she will get fearful of it. Rakesh denies. Sameer brings his guitar. He sings Tu Mera Dil tune. Naina alternatives Suman in her arms. Rakesh, Naina and Sameer sing the music together sweetly. Suman smiles.

Next morning, Naina is making an attempt to cook even as retaining Suman in her palms. Preeti comes there. She asks about Sameer and Rakesh. Naina takes her to her room. Rakesh and Sameer are still dozing. They both smile. Naina shares that Suman dint allow them to sleep the complete night time. They had been looking after her. Preeti stocks that Shubham goes through the identical issue. One has to attend to the toddler while you are cooking. She wakes up Sameer and Rakesh. They simply provide to appearance after Suman. Naina asks them to bathe Suman. Rakesh and Sameer preserve making excuses to keep away from it so Preeti divides the sunlight hours and nighttime duties between them.

human beings say it isn’t clean to be mother and father. We understood it that day. all of us’s time desk revolved round Suman particularly Papa ji’s. He became very thrilled with it though. Then came the day Suman got her injection. Papa ji turned into in more pain than her.

Rakesh picks up suman in his fingers. Preeti reminds Naina how they used to move quiet seeing Rakesh each time they got an injection. Naina nods. Now Papa cries seeing Suman getting injection. Preeti is going to drop doc to the door. Sameer talks to Suman. Rakesh teases Sameer not directly through Sameer. Naina tells Rakesh to rest for some time. we are able to make her sleep with us. Rakesh denies. I don’t thoughts staying awake for her day and night time. Naina says you by no means showered so much love on me. Rakesh says grandkids are more essential for grandparents than their own children. I went thru something comparable. Preeti reminds them how Rakesh in no way got here with them on any PTM or annual day. She is going quiet realising what she just stated however Rakesh agrees that this is the fact. I dint even take Naina to document whilst she was unwell. I never sorted her or her research. Anand used to do the whole lot for her. He used to take care of her on every occasion she become sick. He did extra for her than he did for Preeti. handiest I couldn’t do it. it is stated that the happiness of youngsters is of maximum precedence in all and sundry’s lifestyles. I ignored doing it returned then however i can make up for it with Suman. Naina sits next to him. I constantly noticed love and situation in your anger. We wouldn’t were here in case you weren’t here with us nowadays. He hides his feelings and goes to convey milk for Suman. Sameer accompanies her. Preeti and Naina sit down to talk about their toddlers. Naina says we had been this small until some time and now we have children. that is fantastic! They percentage a hug while Suman cries. Preeti says she is your mom later and my sister first. i’m able to hug her. Naina nods. Preeti heads home.

Rakesh and Sameer speak about the milk temperature.

You used to come to be mother and father with experience again in those days however nowadays, parents have come to be over shielding. Papa ji changed into manner beforehand of time. He became additionally extremely concerned for Suman which amazed us as nicely.

Vanita, Aditya and Tanvi come to satisfy Suman. Aditya calls himself Suman’s Chacha whereas Tanvi calls herself Suman’s Mausi (thru Naina-Preeti’s aspect). They argue cutely over it however Vanita tells them to pick out whatever they prefer. Naina makes Vanita keep Suman and clicks their picture with Suman. Aditya asks her to present him the negative too. i can also get a poster for my home. Naina nods. i’m able to additionally maintain all my being pregnant stuff secure. Who is aware of when a person might also want it! Tanvi smiles shyly. Sameer comes lower back with 2 baggage. Naina says there is so much at home already. Sameer says I got branded stuff for our daughter. Naina refuses to use another oil for the baby. i’m able to handiest use mustard oil. Vanita seconds Naina’s preference however Sameer insists upon his choice. Aditya helps Sameer. Vanita tells him to invite his mother what she carried out on him. Sameer says it might be used in advance but time is changing now. Vanita says time is changing however i’m also a mom. I understand what’s excellent for the infant. Naina and Sameer continue their argument. Naina says i can make the toddler clever and teach her the whole lot. Sameer tells her to stop being a trainer anywhere. she will be able to name you strict while she grows up. Naina says wont I slap her if she says some thing like that. Sameer’s eyes widen in shock. you’ll harm the child? you already know that it’s far a crime right? Naina feedback that Chachi ji will be imprisoned for jail and Tai ji should be given demise penalty. this is how each kid learns. you’re stubborn due to this cause simplest. Preeti and i have been beaten with every feasible factor that is why we are so smart. Vanita says even I got scolded while i was a child. Sameer asks for Suman however Naina does no longer allow move of her. Rakesh takes Suman as an alternative. She loves to be with her Nanu. Naina and Sameer look on.

Naina is doing her work while Suman cries. She pats her head and attempts to calm her down. Sameer asks her why Suman is crying so much. Naina says she became gambling and got hurt from the nook of the mattress. He looks at her in shock.

Precap: Sameer brings Naina and Suman to their antique home in Ahmedabad. We sold this house. Now we can celebrate every competition here.


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