Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 13th August 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

YUDKBH 13 Aug episode begins with Naina reveals to Sameer she is concerned. I wonder what name Papa probably picked. Rakesh advises everybody to unwind. We can name her anything besides she will make her very own name in future. Sameer gestures. You can tell it for wellbeing purpose. Rakesh shares that he will tell the name simply after puja. Vanita and Gadkari family additionally come there pursued by Nirmala ji and Shubham. Vishakha gives her shagun. When are you doing your grandson’s naamkaran? Nirmala ji says it will take 2-3 days. I will do it in dinner corridor (she articulates it erroneously). We wont need to do anything there. They make their very own courses of action. Everybody needs to come. They all concur. Shubham inquires as to whether they have thought of a name for the heavenly attendant. I have thought of one – Ria. It is a practical name. Everybody tells a name individually. Sameer calls attention to that Papa has just idea of a name. Rakesh advises everybody to think. I can’t prevent anybody from intuition. I will keep the name. Preeti wishes good karma to Naina and Sameer. God spare my niece! Rakesh takes a gander at her distinctly.

Sameer discloses to Naina he fears Rakesh’s decision. Savant ji comes simply at that point. Rakesh gets some information about mahurat time however is told there is still some time. Everybody chooses to utilize the available time. Vanita and Sejal pull Bela and Vishakha for a move. She asks Jatin to play the music. He offers to sing however everybody picks tape. Vishakha and Bela move on Choti Si Pyari Si tune. They likewise pull both the guardians for the move. Rakesh moves holding the heavenly attendant in his arms as the tune arrives at an end. Everybody applauds as the tune closes. Intellectual ji approaches everybody to sit for the puja. Rakesh says few words for his granddaughter. She may not comprehend the importance of my words now but rather when I will age or I wont be no more, you all will almost certainly disclose to her this. He says an excellent sonnet regarding little girls. The puja begins.

Voiceover – Sameer:

Another part begun that day. We had only figured out how to act develop. We dint know when we changed from virus drink container to drain bottle. We both realized that this section would not have been simple for us. Sentimental motion pictures were instructing us till now about one another however nothing could train us what we would do now.

Intellectual ji finishes the puja. He asks Sameer and Naina which name they have decided for their child. They gaze at him vacantly. Rakesh grins as he approaches them. He murmurs the name in Naina’s ears and returns to his place. She murmurs it in his ear. Naina and Sameer declare the name gladly – Suman Maheshwari. Everybody adores the name. Vishakha compliments Rakesh. How could you think about this name? Rakesh shares that he named her as Suman as Maine Pyar Kiya’s Suman and Prem were in spotlight when Naina and Sameer had initially met. They should review their first gathering at whatever point they see their girl. Naina and Sameer are enjoyably shocked.

Voiceover – Sameer:

The facts confirm that guardians know it all notwithstanding when we don’t disclose to them anything. That is the most astounding thing the vast majority of the occasions and that day, Papa stunned us. 0We idea he wont almost certainly get us yet he demonstrated us how much better he knows us.

Sameer says we saw how enormous an obligation is parenthood when we have progressed toward becoming guardians ourselves. We need to express something to you all. He expresses gratitude toward Vishakha while Naina says thanks to Bela for all that they have accomplished for them/shown them till date. You both have consistently been with us through various challenges. We owe everything to you. Vishakha says moms are there to secure their children all things considered. Bela joins her. My Naina was basic. Preeti used to be twofold wicked. Sameer blows up however he cherishes Naina without a doubt and keeps her upbeat consistently. Vishakha says we are pleased with you. Bela gestures. We have done our bit on schedule. The ball is in your court now. Naina takes a gander at Sameer.

Precap: Sameer sings a tune/plays guitar for as Naina attempts to put the child to rest. Rakesh is all grins.


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