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Sameer calls doctor. My daughter were given hurt. Come asap. Naina ends the decision. he’s worried about Suman but Naina says I need my daughter to be sturdy. She should play in dirt and do anything she wishes. Sameer refuses. it is dangerous for the kids. She reasons that dust is anywhere. He seems around frantically but Naina takes Suman out for a walk.

Naina tells Bela about what Sameer and Rakesh are doing. they will break Suman. Bela advises her to allow Suman play on the floor. she will now not spare you if you’ll constantly keep her in your arms. Naina says Sameer and Rakesh do greater drama than Suman. Bela rues that she isn’t with her. desire your mother become there. Naina says you have got been more than a mother to me. You constantly show me the right course. Am I wrong? perhaps this is how we boost youngsters. it is my first baby in the end. Bela asks her if she knew the way to manipulate things when she became the top female in school for the first time. no person teaches a girl how to be a mom. One learns it routinely. you would also recognise with Suman. I additionally learnt everything even as elevating all three of you. Don’t fear. you may be a top notch mom. They end the call. Sameer has overheard their conversation.

Sameer gives coconut water to Preeti and Naina. Preeti says we don’t get to fulfill each other because of the youngsters. Naina says we’re within the equal society so we are able to meet sometime however we cannot meet the rest of our friends. Sameer says Chachi ji met the kids however Chacha ji hasn’t even visible any of them. Preeti stocks that Anand has been visiting the whole year. He has subsequently come lower back and isn’t inclined to come at this moment. They decide to visit Ahmedabad if all their loved ones can not come here. Naina speaks of their home however then goes quiet. It isn’t our home anymore. we are able to stay at Chacha ji’s area. Sameer says i will communicate to the owner. we will stay at our domestic for some time. Preeti says the children will now go to their grandparents’ residence.

Voiceover – Sameer:
There need to be a time where new buddies would have been jealous of antique pals. Mumbai and Ahmedabad were those 2 pals for us. We got the entirety in Mumbai. We made many new recollections however it changed into time to inform Ahmedabad and the people back there how important they were for us too. lifestyles turned into incomplete without them in any case.

Sameer and Naina are in Ahmedabad. Sameer has blindfolded Naina and is conserving Suman in his arms. He removes her blindfold and she is surprised to peer their house. Why are we here? Sameer points on the name plate – Naina and Sameer Maheshwari. we’ve bought this house. Now we are able to rejoice each festival right here. past reminiscences flash of their minds. Naina receives emotional. They preserve palms as they input inner their domestic. Sameer stops Naina from getting into and brings a garland. He lifts her in his fingers so she will be able to put it at the door. adorable tune plays as all 3 of them input inner their home. all the recollections flash earlier than their eyes. Naina tells Suman stories about their first domestic. Sameer shares that the fixtures and stuff would possibly have changed however i will make it back to how it was. there’s nonetheless something special which i’ve added with me. He suggests her the 2 awards that that they had won collectively. He continues the image of his Nanu and Anand and Bela subsequent to the awards. Naina smiles.

The beyond recollections come tumbling as Naina and Sameer take a walk across the house. name track performs. Naina is status close to the pool even as Sameer is up inside the balcony. They make the equal expressions at each different they had made before. They run closer to every different and then chase every other romantically around the house.

Doorbell jewelry. Naina is surprised to peer Anand, Bela and Rakesh. She hugs them. Bela desires Preeti was additionally right here. Naina nods. Anand holds Suman. She is similar to my Naina. Bela says I assume she is Sameer’s copy. they say she will become Nanu’s preferred in the end. Anand tells Naina and Sameer that he is proud that they were given what they had aimed for. Naina and Sameer deliver him credit score for usually showing religion in them. Anand says I stated that Naina will jump high sooner or later and it has became actual. You each are ruling the sky. i am honestly proud of each of you. Naina replies that none of this will have passed off with out you. Rakesh says you are only after me in Mumbai and now you forgot me as soon as you noticed Chacha ji. he’s taking Suman. you will be my champ. Naina says it isn’t like this. we’ve absolutely everyone in our domestic. She factors on the desk. all of them get emotional. Rakesh says it is better that Naina became raised through you both or I don’t know what might have passed off. Anand says you have additionally completed a lot for Naina. You even wrote that poem for Naina. Rakesh smiles. It was Sameer who made me do it. Anand and Bela says Naina’s mother could were similarly proud if she turned into right here these days. Bela rues that our entire family is so satisfied these days but something is lacking (hinting at Tau ji and Tai ji). Anand says their image ought to were right here as nicely. Sameer tells him it isn’t wanted. Anand tells Rakesh that irrespective of their variations, they’re still our elders. we’ve got continually attempted to patch up. Tau ji says you did strive. absolutely everyone looks towards the door.

Precap: Naina and her friends obtain an invitation for his or her faculty Alumni birthday party.


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