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YUDKBH 15 Apr episode begin with Sameer is chafed. He discloses to them that the vacuum cleaner cleans cover. Naina says first you use vacuum cleaner and after that you spend power to clean more clean. He demands that it how it is to be cleaned. Try not to stress over power. Simply do as I state.

Kanji serves paper money to Sameer in breakfast. Sameer questions Naina. Naina reveals to Sameer he appreciates burning through cash. I figured you would need to utilize them in each conceivable way. She focuses at the notes on the plate. Use/eat it however you need to. Kanji and Sameer take a gander at Naina. Sameer is going to plunge the notes in tea yet Naina removes it. She serves him breakfast.

Anand is additionally having breakfast when Tai ji and Tau ji enter. Tai ji insults them once more. Bela welcomes them for breakfast too however Tau ji hacks to stop his significant other. Tau ji inquires as to whether he got court take note. Will you return the cash or battle with us in court? Anand answers that they don’t have the foggiest idea how to battle. Give those individuals a chance to battle who know how to! He hands his sibling 50k money. They are stunned. Anand requests that his sibling compose it on paper that he took 50k from him. Tau ji inquires as to whether he will influence him to compose. Anand says I have took in it from you as it were. He manages his sibling concerning what to compose and observes eagerly as his sibling drafts the letter. He tosses the record on table as opposed to offering it to Anand and leaves.

Sameer achieves office. Mom ji asks him which new vehicle he is purchasing. Sameer is confounded. Mother ji says I am certain you purchased a neckband for Naina as you as of late got hitched. I went to Bank today. Administrator revealed to me that you pulled back 50k. Is everything fine? Sameer says he took it for some close to home work. Mother ji says it is your cash. You can utilize it anyway you wish to. We don’t worry about it however the legislature does! What would it be a good idea for us to name this cost as? Sameer stays there strained. Mom ji inquires as to whether he utilized that cash for betting. Sameer concedes that Anand required that cash. Mom ji requests more subtleties. Sameer lets him know everything.

Voiceover – Sameer:

It is said that you shouldn’t conceal anything from your friends and family however it isn’t right particularly with regards to individuals like my Mama ji. I did the most exceedingly awful thing by telling it to Mama ji that day.

Mom ji compliments Sameer on what he did. Kaku Sa must be satisfied. Favor you. Sameer demands them not to advise this to anybody. Mom ji and Devang guarantee him about it. Sameer makes a beeline for his work area. Mom ji murmurs that everybody simply needs to burn through cash.

Bela enlightens Preeti concerning a forthcoming man of the hour. Preeti needs a person from Bombay. This is my desire! Bela says it seems as though everybody living in Bombay is hanging tight to wed you. Preeti recommends her to sit tight for quite a while. For what reason did you call them tomorrow? Bela reasons that things wont finish so effectively. It will require investment. Anand says things might be taken forward in the event that you like the person and his family. Preeti embraces him joyfully. Bela additionally embraces her little girl.

Voiceover – Sameer:

Numerous individuals felt that we wont stay wedded for even a half year. We needed to refute everybody except rather we were refuting one another. Our life had turned into a crazy ride!

Naina sits relaxed in the house after Kanji leaves.

Mother ji reproves Sameer on his another oversight. He looks at Naina’s photograph in his wallet to keep himself grounded.

During the evening, Sameer and Naina take a gander at the clear edge and make faces. There are times when they sit beside one another however then on some days, they sit in two separate corners of couch when they get furious. Days go by and they have a lot of high points and low points.

Mother ji acquaints some person with his partners. Sameer remains there with an all-inclusive hand however Mama ji acquaints Devang with the person. He lauds his child before him. Sameer remains there with a straight face. Mom ji discloses to Sameer he dint acquaint him with that person purposefully. He would have gotten some information about business and you would have been dumbfounded. I am heartbroken on the off chance that you felt terrible however it was the proper activity. Sameer catches his Mama ji ridiculing him before Devang.

Voiceover – Sameer:

I was exceptionally discontent with Mama ji’s conduct. I couldn’t reveal to Naina this. I dint wish to disturb her. I likewise dint wish to disclose to her that the Sameer who flopped in the tests in schools and school was bombing in the test of life as well!

Naina makes Kanji spread the couch utilizing plastic and fabric pieces. Naina says Meenakshi aunt sat on the couch with filthy legs. Sameer would have grumbled of the stain on the off chance that he had seen it. He will be glad at this point. Preeti and Kamya are upstairs. She goes to cook something for them. Sameer and his companions accompany a heap of kites. They are amped up for flying kites. Sameer’s companions bother him on Naina’s answer when he gets out for her. They see the couch stuffed and wonder why they are wearing waterproof shell. Kamya shares that Naina put them so they don’t get grimy. Naina and Pundit slide down it. Kamya helps them to remember an occurrence where Naina had not given them a chance to remove the spreads from the new vehicle. She prods Sameer calling him white collar class. Sameer evacuates the spreads furiously.

Voiceover – Sameer:

Naina thought well and needed to spare the couch from soil yet she just received my gazes consequently. Naina must imagine that her great deed went down the channel while I was feeling that Naina’s endeavors went in channel in view of what I did!

Precap Upcoming Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai Episode Update: Naina, Sameer and their companions fly kites on their home patio. Sameer kisses Naina sweetly as they fly the kite together.


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