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YUDKBH 15 Aug episode starts with Naina informs Bela regarding what Sameer and Rakesh are doing. They will ruin Suman. Bela encourages her to let Suman play on the floor. She won’t extra you on the off chance that you will consistently hold her in your arms. Naina says Sameer and Rakesh accomplish more dramatization than Suman. Bela laments that she isn’t with her. Wish your mom was there. Naina says you have been in excess of a mother to me. You generally demonstrate to me the correct way. Am I wrong? Perhaps this is the manner by which we bring up children. It is my first child all things considered. Bela inquires as to whether she realized how to oversee things when she turned into the head young lady in school just because. Nobody shows a lady how to be a mother. One learns it consequently. You would likewise know with Suman. I likewise got the hang of everything while at the same time raising each of you 3. Try not to stress. You will be an incredible mother. They part of the arrangement. Sameer has caught their discussion.

Sameer gives coconut water to Preeti and Naina. Preeti says we don’t get the chance to meet each other as a result of the children. Naina says we are in a similar society so we can meet at some point yet we can’t meet the remainder of our companions. Sameer says Chachi ji met the children however Chacha ji hasn’t seen any of them. Preeti shares that Anand has been venturing to every part of the whole year. He has at long last returned and isn’t eager to come right now. They choose to go to Ahmedabad if all their friends and family can’t come here. Naina talks about their home however then goes calm. It isn’t our home any longer. We can remain at Chacha ji’s place. Sameer says I will address the proprietor. We will remain at our home for some time. Preeti says the children will presently go to their grandparents’ home.

Voiceover – Sameer:
There must be where new companions would have been envious of old companions. Mumbai and Ahmedabad were those 2 companions for us. We got everything in Mumbai. We gained numerous new experiences yet the time had come to tell Ahmedabad and the individuals back there how significant they were for us as well. Life was inadequate without them all things considered.

Sameer and Naina are in Ahmedabad. Sameer has blindfolded Naina and is holding Suman in his arms. He expels her blindfold and she is astounded to see their home. For what reason would we say we are here? Sameer focuses at the name plate – Naina and Sameer Maheshwari. We have purchased this house. Presently we can praise each celebration here. Past recollections streak in their psyches. Naina gets enthusiastic. They clasp hands as they enter inside their home. Sameer prevents Naina from entering and brings a laurel. He lifts her in his arms so she can put it at the entryway. Adorable melody plays as every one of them 3 enter inside their home. Every one of the recollections streak before their eyes. Naina discloses to Suman anecdotes about their first home. Sameer shares that the furnishings and stuff may have changed yet I will make it back to how it was. There is as yet something uncommon which I have carried with me. He demonstrates her the two honors that they had won together. He keeps the photograph of his Nanu and Anand and Bela by the honors. Naina grins.

The past recollections come tumbling as Naina and Sameer go for a stroll around the house. Title track plays. Naina is remaining close to the pool while Sameer is up in the overhang. They make similar articulations at one another they had made previously. They keep running towards one another and after that pursuit each other impractically around the house.

Doorbell rings. Naina is astounded to see Anand, Bela and Rakesh. She embraces them. Bela wishes Preeti was additionally here. Naina gestures. Anand holds Suman. She is much the same as my Naina. Bela says I think she is Sameer’s duplicate. They state she will end up being Nanu’s most loved at last. Anand tells Naina and Sameer that he is glad that they got what they had gone for. Naina and Sameer give him kudos for continually indicating confidence in them. Anand says I said that Naina will take off high one day and it has turned genuine. You both are administering the sky. I am extremely glad for both of you. Naina answers that none of this would have occurred without you. Rakesh says you are simply after me in Mumbai and now you overlooked me when you saw Chacha ji. He takes Suman. You will be my champ. Naina says it isn’t care for this. We have everybody in our home. She focuses at the work area. They all get passionate. Rakesh says it is better that Naina was raised by you both or I don’t have a clue what might have occurred. Anand says you have additionally completed a great deal for Naina. You even composed that sonnet for Naina. Rakesh grins. It was Sameer who caused me to do it. Anand and Bela says Naina’s mom would have been similarly pleased on the off chance that she was here today. Bela laments that our whole family is so upbeat today yet something is missing (alluding to Tau ji and Tai ji). Anand says their photograph ought to have been here also. Sameer discloses to him it isn’t required. Anand discloses to Rakesh that independent of their disparities, they are as yet our older folks. We have constantly attempted to fix up. Tau ji says you tried. Everybody looks towards the entryway.

Precap: Naina and her companions get a welcome for their school Alumni party


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