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Naina says I am from a white collar class family and this was the means by which I was since the start. For what reason did you wed me in the event that you discover me white collar class? You could have hitched a young lady from exclusive requirement. He surrenders. You wont get anything! You don’t have cerebrum. She says you are the shrewd one here which is the reason you grumble to everybody about me despite my good faith. She rehashes

Munna prevents Preeti from going first floor. They will battle and return some time. Kamya concurs. This is their affection.

Naina and Sameer contend that neither of them comprehends the other and they are by one way or another bearing one another. Naina says I have turned out to be frantic. Sameer says you were at that point distraught. Their companions leave. Sameer accuses Naina. This is the thing that happens when there are individuals like you in the house! Kanji comes there

with new sustenance and cold beverage.

It is evening. A tragic tune plays as Naina and Sameer think about the entirety of their most recent battles. Sameer comes there. Naina inquires as to whether despite everything he needs to reprove her over something. He says you yell on individuals who get it. I figured you will make this house home after marriage yet you have exacerbated it! She supposes to go out so he can do however he sees fit. He advises her not to compromise her over and over. Proceed.

Voiceover – Sameer:

It was an odd day. Here, Naina and I were leaving our affection for our phony sense of self and along these lines, Chacha ji was losing his home.

Bela sees her significant other standing unfortunately by the window. He is miserable as a result of what happened today. I can shoulder anything other than I wont bear it on the off chance that anybody focuses a finger at us! We will go out. Bela ends up passionate. I came here as a lady of the hour. Naina and Preeti were brought into the world here. This is my sanctuary. He reasons that they will dependably be provoked upon and looked down here as a result of the sorts of individuals who remain here. We will leave tomorrow first thing itself! We will purchase a littler house where we can live in harmony. She embraces him and cries.

Naina takes out her bag. Sameer pursues her to their room. She discloses to him she is leaving. He gestures. How frequently will you say it? She stops abruptly. He inquires as to whether she had a difference in heart. She calls attention to that he is hindering her direction. I thought you had a difference in heart. He moves aside. Naina takes a gander at the house inwardly.

Voiceover – Sameer:

I wasn’t so stone hearted that I wouldn’t give it a second thought however I was very irate. It would require investment after all to quiet down!

Naina reviews her grahpravesh and Bela’s words amid her marriage as she lifts her feet to venture out of the house. Sameer’s mother’s prompt likewise rings in her ear.

Voiceover – Sameer:

The young ladies of 1990’s were sure about a certain something – family first! This is the thing that made Naina stop that day. She dint need to inconvenience Chacha ji and Chachi ji any longer. She needed to return like a tame feline.

Sameer is mistaken seeing Naina for her pack. They both gaze at one another. He applauds. Is your psyche set up now? She says it was there as of now. I returned so nobody quits regarding or adoring you as they do well at this point! They would have additionally pondered what you have progressed toward becoming. He says I drudge whole day in office and when I get back home, you are acting insane dependably! Try not to endeavor to reveal to me what I have moved toward becoming. Take a gander at yourself. She guides him to reveal to Anand himself tomorrow. He will come to take me for Gangaur. Remain here independent from anyone else at that point. I will leave deferentially. Try not to consider calling me or of bringing me back here. He educates her not to think with respect to this even in her fantasies. They rests. Naina has her back to him.

Preeti has gathered her sacks. She cries thinking about her recollections with Naina. Bela is likewise in tears as past recollections streak before her eyes. Anand is additionally crying in a corner quietly.

Naina drops her salwar on the floor. Sameer picks it and keeps it on the handle as opposed to giving it to her. She shuts the restroom entryway indignantly.

Preeti is going to call Naina yet Anand exhorts her against it. I will advise her before Holi. Preeti holds the telephone back. Past recollections play before their eyes. Anand embraces his significant other and little girl. He conceals his tears from them and requests that they come. They leave their home tragically.

Naina brings bread and butter yet Sameer eats cornflakes.

Bela discloses to her neighbor that thye dint do anything. The woman discloses to her she knows it. Your activity is supporting everything. Individuals who esteem their regard and poise the most can’t stoop so low. Anand apologizes to them on the off chance that they have ever harmed anybody. The neighbor wishes sick for Tau ji and Tai ji however Anand stops her. We have never wished terrible for anybody and wont wish anything awful for anybody even today. Tau ji and Tai ji instruct him to stop his acting. We can see who is fleeing. We won all things considered. Anand says you will comprehend the significance of this triumph one day without a doubt. If it’s not too much trouble don’t hesitate to connect with me in the event that you need anything ever. He swings to his family. This house has given us such a large number of affectionate recollections. We will say farewell with a grin. He leaves with his family. Tau ji tells his better half he did what he guaranteed. The neighbors wave unfortunately at Anand and his family.

Sameer comes in Devang’s lodge while he is conversing with some person (Mr. Sharma). Sameer asks Devang a few inquiries while he is conversing with Mr. Sharma. Mr. Sharma questions Devang about who this person is. It is safe to say that he is understudy or right hand? Does he not have habits? Devang asks Sameer to do some work. Sameer presents himself as the proprietor of this processing plant. I am the grandson of Dinanath ji. Mr. Sharma goes calm.

Mom ji inquires as to whether he needs to turn into the proprietor. Sameer says I am the proprietor as of now. Mother ji discloses to Devang he ought to have presented Sameer legitimately. Sameer reveals to Devang he feels awful when he doesn’t acquaint him with customers. By what method will I realize anything generally? Mom ji apologizes to him and claims to criticize Devang. He discloses to Sameer he will be the proprietor of his business from tomorrow.

Precap: Naina moves impractically around Sameer as he returns home.


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