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YUDKBH 16 Aug episode begins with Tau ji inquires as to whether he needs a different conciliatory sentiment. Rakesh embraces his sibling. They share a passionate embrace. Tau ji cheers him for supporting Naina and Sameer. I am glad for you. He likewise meets Suman. Rakesh says Bhaisahab complimented me today. Did everybody hear it? Bela gestures. Rakesh says I was longing to hear him acclaim me. Suman says mummy. Tai ji says it isn’t on the right track to commend him (Rakesh) much. It is smarter to indicate him cherish by reprimanding him. I am longing to admonish somebody since you left. Rakesh looks for her favors and they additionally share an embrace. Tau ji creases his hands before Anand. If it’s not too much trouble pardon us. I was blinded in wrath. You constantly regarded me while I just reviled you consequently. Anand instructs him to overlook the past. I likewise attempted to meet you ordinarily however in proved unable! Tau ji says children did what we proved unable. He says thanks to Naina and Sameer for joining the family by and by. Tai ji pulls Naina’s ears charmingly. I have consistently disclosed things to you like this. You could have likewise done it once. I would have seen at that point. We wouldn’t have been away from one another at any rate. Naina says I have taken in a great deal from you along these lines. Presently I will do it with Suman as well. Tai ji advises her against it which upsets Naina. You have been doing likewise to me however I can’t do it to Suman! Rakesh comments this is the thing that grandparents do. Tai ji seconds him. She reveals to Bela they have quit drinking tea. Nobody else could make such cardamom tea. Bela says I will make you constant to it once more. I will make cardamom tea for you consistently. We will remain together now all things considered. They additionally embrace.

Tau ji apologizes to Sameer. We weren’t with you when you required us. Sameer says you are with us now. We are content with this. Tai ji gives a blessing to Naina. It is your wedding blessing. I couldn’t give it in those days. Keep it securely. Naina embraces her. Bela goes to make tea. Tai ji advises her to bring bread rolls too. Everybody grins.

It is evening time. Everybody is having tea and bites and playing with Suman. Tai ji says we met Naina and Sameer after so long. Disclose to us a few anecdotes about Mumbai. Naina says we will play something while at the same time describing stories. We will feel exhausted something else. Bela asks them which game they will play. Sameer proposes cards however Rakesh drops the thought. We can’t play cards with a child around. How about we play antakshri. Tai ji says I just know bhajans. Rakesh prods her expression that she just sings bhajans about Bhaisahab. Sameer says it is something we have been playing since from the beginning. We should take a stab at something different. Naina recommends playing a game where we reveal to one beneficial thing and one terrible thing about the other. Everybody concurs. They pick Tai ji as the principal member. She begins with Bela. She doesn’t carry rolls with tea yet nobody can make cardamom tea like her. Bela talks about her consequently. She generally requests things which I don’t care for however she likewise gives exhorts without inquiring. They help us in future however they generally help us. Anand, Bela and Tai ji say something very similar regarding Rakesh. He is exceptionally touchy. Rakesh says you additionally needed to say a pleasant thing regarding me. Naina and Sameer state that he shows at least a bit of kindness of gold and is Suman’s top choice.

Rakesh calls attention to that nobody has said anything regarding Bhaisahab yet. Everybody asks Sameer to state something. Sameer says you dint come in our wedding however you favored us with your quality currently by coming here. Anand talks about Naina next. It isn’t on the right track to cover Preeti’s slip-ups however perhaps your connection is extremely solid as a result of this reason as it were. Sameer talks about Tai ji now. You question everybody except you bolstered me when I had a battle with Arjun. You acknowledged me wholeheartedly. Naina expresses gratitude toward her for tolerating Sameer. Tai ji says I don’t commit errors in understanding an individual. Bholuram is such a model! Everybody grins.

Sameer talks about Naina. She is extremely severe with numerous standards however the day will be less in the event that I talk about her excellencies. Whatever I am today is a direct result of Naina. Much obliged to you. Naina talks about him consequently. He is obstinate however I was his greatest wish. We could remain in a city like Mumbai as a result of his steadiness as it were. Everybody applauds. Anand talks about Bela. I don’t care for her tinde ki sabzi yet I will even eat poison on the off chance that she will offer it to me with adoration. She is so sweet all things considered. Bela calls him enthusiastic. That is the reason you can comprehend everybody’s agony. Naina says Bela is all around amicable however she keeps everybody glad. Tai ji says even you are exceptionally basic and sweet. You win everybody’s heart in a second. Naina grins. Rakesh includes that Sameer loses his cool in a second. He is additionally procuring so well as a result of his assurance as it were. Sameer says you are ruining Suman yet this is your privilege being her Nanu.

Voiceover – Sameer:

You just have whines with individuals who you truly love. Time passed and we dint acknowledge when first light broke. Everybody had such a great amount to state about one another. Dad’s rundown wasn’t finishing. The reason was that everybody adored him without question. This is the thing that keeps a family together. Relations are united with affection and not minds.

Naina and her companions get a welcome for their school Alumni party. Naina says everybody would have gotten it. They will come. Sameer says I don’t think about everybody. We are in Ahmedabad as are Pundit and Munna. Preeti is in Mumbai. A grin shows up all over.

Voiceover – Sameer:

What might you have needed in the event that you could go back in time? We could remember the school days by and by through this welcome. This was no not exactly a time machine for us!

Precap: Sameer comes to class on his bicycle with Pundit and Munna. Naina, Sameer and their companions reproduce their past recollections.


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