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The writers ask Aruna ji if she liked the concept. Aruna ji calls Shambhu and asks her to deliver some thing. They get tensed. you could inform us without bringing meals in among. She points at the food. They flavor the juice hesitantly and nod in remedy. Shambhu offers them an envelope each however they may be empty. She asks them to keep 5k in each of them and deliver her money for paying attention to their idea like she can pay them to hear out theirs. They take her go away. Naina calls Aruna ji to verify her appointment. Aruna ji again pretends handy the phone to Aruna ji. Aruna ji changes her voice and talks to Naina. Sameer tells her to verify first if it’s far indeed Aruna ji. Naina confirms the assembly with her. Aruna ji replies that she is ready to meet. you could name me next time if you aren’t positive. Naina denies.

Aruna ji says I can’t put camera in cellphone. Is the story equipped? Naina affirms. Aruna ji ends the decision. She tells Shambhu to keep the empty envelope for the following day. We may additionally need it.
Sameer tells Naina to inform her highly spiced tale to Aruna ji day after today. Naina says it isn’t a story however fact.

Shubham asks Preeti to carry Tanvi however she tells them to let them speak. it is about marriage in the end. You don’t get a 2d hazard. Tanvi enters. Rakesh and Shubham ask her about Pundit. She replies that he wont come. anyone’s face turns clean. What does that imply? Naina and Sameer cross to check on Pundit.

Pundit continues to be sitting on the bench. Naina and Sameer ask him if the entirety is quality. Tanvi additionally seemed dissatisfied. Drop it if it’s far a few comic story. all people is waiting upstairs. Pundit says it isn’t a comic story. I wont receive this alliance. They ask him the purpose however he walks away.

Nirmala ji asks Tanvi if she said something untoward to Pundit. Preeti ask Tanvi to tell her in non-public if there may be something. Gauri feels something large has befell or Tanvi wouldn’t were quiet like this. Rakesh tells them to allow Naina and Sameer communicate to Pundit.

Sameer is scolding Pundit for refusing the alliance. Naina calms him down. She additionally asks Pundit what has befell. Pundit says I should cross before someone else comes right here. Naina insists upon knowing the reason however Pundit apologizes to her. I can not let you know some thing.

Nirmala ji scolds Preeti for bringing an alliance like Pundit for Tanvi. is that this how your relatives will pay off us? We taken into consideration Naina and Sameer like our youngsters and see what they’ve accomplished! Don’t they need this alliance to appear? Rakesh tells them to attend until Naina and Sameer come. the entirety will be satisfactory. Nirmala ji blames him and his family for all the barriers which have come their manner since they’ve come to Mumbai. Shubham also scolds Preeti.

Sameer stops Pundit. I wont allow you to go with out sharing the reason. what is it? Naina asks him if he’s worried about Tanvi’s complexion. Sameer and Pundit deny. Pundit says there wasn’t any connection among us. Naina says we cannot pressure it in 2 minutes. She is a completely fine girl. Pundit says I recognize that however there could be hassle if we marry. they are trying to put sense in his thoughts. Pundit says she loves someone else so I stated no. What i am doing is right for everyone. This marriage wont assist every person. I thought i’m able to hide it from you but have I instructed some thing from you men ever? Sameer thinks to tell everybody the truth but Naina and Pundit inform him otherwise. Pundit asks them to vow him that they wont tell it to each person, now not even Preeti. They promise him. Naina says Pundit has also grown up these days. Sameer seconds her and hugs his excellent buddy. Naina assures him that they may discover the satisfactory female for him. He touches her toes sweetly and leaves.

Voiceover – Naina:
considering that we understand Munna and Pundit, we notion they are our friends and an vital part of our love story. That day we realised they had been very precious too. they performed a position in someone else’s tale too. we idea Pundit is the most naughty one however that day he proved that he values and is aware relations the most.

Pundit nods reassuringly at Tanvi as she appears at him from the balcony. Sameer and Naina observe it as properly. Sameer goes to peer him off.

Gauri tells Nirmala ji she thinks Pundit wont come again. neglect this alliance. Rakesh comes to a decision to check with Naina and Sameer however Naina comes there simply then. He asks her about Pundit and Sameer. Naina stocks that Pundit has left already. Preeti is stunned. Why dint you forestall him? Naina says we attempted our first-class however he dint pay attention. Shubham asks her the purpose as to why he stated no. Naina denies. anything occurred isn’t proper however there ought to be a purpose. fact might be out in the front of anyone quickly! Tanvi gets tensed. Preeti notices her concerned.

Naina steps out of Preeti’s house with a heavy heart.

Voiceover – Naina:
Characters make testimonies and now not vice versa. In reality, Tanvi took a new flip altogether. We thought to feature drama inside the story however Pundit’s version become maximum dramatic. That day, while typing the tale on Gadkari Uncle’s typewriter, i was questioning who Tanvi loves. once in a while information the fact will become greater difficult than penning down the principle story.

Naina and Sameer kind the tale at the typewriter.

subsequent morning, Nirmala ji and Gauri are getting back from the temple. They communicate unwell of Pundit, Naina and Sameer. Gauri says family are like that handiest. at the time of want, people like me can assist. Don’t consider them. Nirmala ji says I don’t even consider Preeti. Gauri says God need to have chosen a better alliance for Tanvi than Pundit. All he may want to manipulate to say was sure.

Naina earrings the doorbell. Shubham informs her that Preeti isn’t domestic. Naina says I wanted to speak to Tanvi. He leaves the door open for her. She overhears Tanvi speaking to her lover. anyone is scolding Naina, Sameer and Pundit a lot. Bhabhi is bearing the worst of it. We must do something!

Nirmala ji speaks of Tanvi’s complexion. Gauri says complexion isn’t the entirety.

Voiceover – Naina:
I dint recognise who become on the opposite line but i was shaken up after listening to Tanvi’s facet. I left with out a word. i’ve been on the equal facet once. i know how it feels whilst you love someone and must disguise it from anyone.

Naina speaks to Preeti on smartphone. Preeti tells her that everyone is disappointed in view that yesterday. Naina tells her to offer a while to everyone. Preeti continues to be confused as to why Pundit stated no. Did he inform you anything? Naina denies. i’d have advised you if I had recognised. Preeti asks her if Sameer knows something. Naina feigns lack of understanding. speak to Tanvi. She might have something to tell you. Preeti asks her if she knows something. Naina denies. She spoke to Pundit inside the park. She might realize some thing. Preeti wishes her success for her assembly with Aruna ji. Don’t act like Ahmedabad wali Naina. you are about to turn out to be a celebrity writer! Naina makes her repeat it.

Voiceover – Naina:
That sounded tremendous but I knew that the street changed into too long. My tale wasn’t going to be solved until the time Tanvi’s tale wasn’t sorted. My dream wasn’t going to fulfil till the time that passed off.

Precap: Aruna ji likes the tale. She tells Naina to begin working on it. Naina continues a condition earlier than her. I need Sameer to be the hero of the serial. handiest then will I give you this tale. Aruna ji seems at Naina and Sameer.


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