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YUDKBH 16 Jul episode begins with Pandit goes to Preeti’s home with Naina, Sameer and Rakesh. He welcomes everybody and asks Preeti how he needs to welcome her. They squabble charmingly at the entryway. Nirmala ji inquires as to whether somebody keeps the SIL remaining at the entryway. Naina jokes that he is utilized to it. Pandit says yes to each question apprehensively without speculation. Sameer and Naina are getting a charge out of prodding Pundit in this manner. They at last choose to compose on the subject wedding. Nirmala acquaints Gauri with Pundit. Rakesh asks Sameer and Naina to go along with them. Naina says this appears to be a story as it were. Who envisioned this? Rakesh grins. Indeed, even I had never thought of this. Savant says yes once more. Nirmala ji prevents Naina from serving everybody. You are from the man of the hour’s side. You shouldn’t work today. Naina says I am your little girl first. Everything else comes later. Savant’s eyes are focused on the nourishment. Nirmala ji requests that Pundit eat something. Gauri inquires as to whether he just realizes how to state yes. Sameer denies. He talks so much that he never truly allows anybody to talk. Savant drops the syrup while eating rasgulla. Rakesh censures him. Nirmala ji sends Shubham with Pundit to enable him to tidy him up.

Tanvi paces worriedly in his room. Preeti expresses gratitude toward Pundit. You don’t have the foggiest idea what you are doing. He says I generally do great work however what did I do now. Naina shares that everybody has rejected Tanvi for her appearance. Individuals offer significance to composition over nature even in this period! Savant also thinks that its odd. Preeti says even Shubham ji wedded me seeing my tendency and heart. Pandit says same thing is the thing that issues for me. Preeti takes Tanvi’s certification. Shubham goes along with them. Evacuate the stain appropriately or it wont leave ever. Pandit has returned to stating yes to everything. Naina grins thinking about her story thought.

Savant is hypnotized seeing Tanvi. Sentimental melody plays as he takes a gander at her. She sits by Pundit. His hand shakes while tasting tea. Shubham gets some information about himself. He says yes in answer. Sameer says he resembles a child. He is extremely obstinate once he decides to accomplish something! Naina additionally prods Pundit. Gauri inquires as to whether they are commending him or are accomplishing something different.

Voiceover – Naina:

This does not occur any longer that your companion can go with you on such gatherings. In those days, having your companion close by was increasingly similar to as though there is a thistle stuck in your neck. You can’t swallow or spit it out. Anything that your companion said sounded nothing not as much as analysis and an insult!

Preeti attempts to cheer Tanvi however she is as yet tragic.

Naina reveals to Sameer that they will compose Tanvi and Pundit’s story. He cherishes the thought (excessively boisterously). Naina conceals it. Pandit solicitations them on the off chance that he can address Tanvi secretly in the nursery. Nirmala ji looks reluctant however Shubham permits him.

Voiceover – Naina:

In those days, the young lady and kid dint get such an opportunity to address each other like this. Indeed, even their decisions dint matter back then. This is a decent and genuinely necessary change that has happened today however!

Nirmala ji ponders what they will talk about in private. Sameer guarantees her they will keep an eye on Pundit and Tanvi.

Pandit and Tanvi are sitting in the nursery. Naina and Sameer play various tunes from a separation. He discovers them covering up adjacent and requests that they go. I will converse with Tanvi. They inquire as to whether he is certain. Savant gestures. They hole up behind the tree when Tanvi turns. Pandit asks Tanvi her name and afterward taps her head. I am somewhat apprehensive. He imparts his complete name to her. She inquires as to whether he has any issue with her appearance. He decreases. This does not make a difference to me. Nirmala ji asks Rakesh for what good reason Pundit came alone. Rakesh says it doesn’t occur regularly yet they think about me his family and guided me to deal with everything. I will illuminate them everything.

Preeti tells somebody one telephone that they are first floor. I will keep you educated.

Naina and Sameer talk about their story thought further. Gauri gets some information about her gathering with Aruna Irani. I like her without a doubt. Will you get her signature for me? Naina says everybody is so amped up for her out gathering. Sameer gestures. It will be great in the event that we can meet her. Naina talks decidedly. We took arrangement. He says we took arrangement even of Anant Sir. They review his gathering with Anant Sir.

Savant reveals to Tanvi he needed to ask her something. You peered very stressed inside. You can let me know whether you have any issue. She discloses to him something (in quiet).

Voiceover – Naina:

Each individual of this world is searching for an opportunity which can change their course of life. Sameer and I were likewise searching for our opportunity. It just dint rely upon Aruna ji yet in addition on Tanvi and Pundit. We needed to check whether there would have been any bend in this story or not!

Pandit goes calm hearing Tanvi.

Precap: Nirmala ji chides Preeti for bringing a union like Pundit for Tanvi. We considered Naina and Sameer like our children and see what they have done! Then again, Sameer is chiding Pundit.


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