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Writers come to Aruna ji’s residence again. They inform Shambhu to keep cold drink, samosas and a filled envelope for them. Shambhu nods and takes them inside. Naina and Sameer come simply then. Naina repeats the tale but in a haphazard way. Sameer tells her not to worry or the entirety will mess up. Shambhu takes them interior.

Naina cannot take her eyes off Aruna ji. Her songs play in the background. Sameer actually pats at her shoulder to shake her out of her reverie. Aruna ji asks her if she is best. Naina nods. She sits next to Aruna ji upon her askance. I became frightened after assembly you.

Shubham comes domestic. Preeti attempts taking his bag but he walks as much as Tanvi alternatively. Are you excellent? Don’t fear. i’m able to find a man for you this time. We wont depend upon a person else this time. Preeti asks him if she is a person else for him now. I genuinely don’t recognize why Pundit left. He refuses to believe that Naina and Sameer don’t understand anything. they’re buddies considering that see you later. He could have stated no on our face. He dint consider Tanvi even once. Preeti says I understand what you’re feeling but I truly assume nobody is aware of some thing. Tanvi shows them to drop the matter but her mother says you aren’t sharing some thing with us. Preeti says I recognize Pundit nicely. He can not try this. there may be indeed some thing. Shubham says he may be exceptional but people will simplest blame Tanvi. Preeti denies. He wouldn’t have come to Mumbai to satisfy Tanvi otherwise. Tanvi heads to her room observed by using Shubham. Nirmala ji tells Preeti to confront her sister and Sameer. wreck your relation with them in the event that they recognise not anything!
Aruna ji asks Naina which music is gambling in her thoughts. Is it Chadhti Jawani? Did you observed of best one line? Naina shakes her head. I could see the video as properly. Aruna ji smiles. go away it. They have been fine songs however we needed to work very tough. Naina says your expressions had been fab. Aruna ji replies that they needed to be first-rate. inform me your story now. Naina says I dint do any film but Sameer can be a part of a movie or serial surely. Aruna ji asks for her story.

Voiceover – Naina:
We frequently don’t understand the matters that we do in adolescence. They became a important a part of our life. We were writing a destiny for ourselves via narrating this story to Aruna ji. This dependancy commenced with the love letters that we wrote for every different in school. We hadn’t thought that we are able to also write greater memories along the manner.

Naina narrates her tale to Aruna ji. She seeks the opinions of the other writers. They don’t discover Naina’s tale worthy sufficient to be positioned to use. Aruna ji calls Shambhu asking him to bring tea, samosas and envelopes. Naina and Sameer think she dint like the tale. They stand up to go however Aruna ji asks them to have a seat. Don’t you desire to recognize if I preferred it or no longer? Naina says we understood it out of your response. we can come some other time. Aruna ji nevertheless makes them take a seat. they all have tea together. The writers are impressed with the tea. it is notable! Aruna ji says it’s miles as first-rate as the story. She gives an envelope to Naina. each person’s eyes widen as they see a cheque insdie the envelope. Aruna ji likes the story. She tells Naina to begin operating on it. i’m burdened about the heroine although. Who will she love? Naina says even we are trying to find that out. other writers say that such half testimonies wont help.

Tanvi is speakme to her lover. We need to do some thing soon. We must find a manner out! You ought to think what we must do. Preeti enters. Tanvi ends the call in haste. Preeti says i am relieved to peer you pleasant. Tanvi assures her she is exceptional. Preeti says it’s miles Pundit’s loss. we are able to watch tv and buy groceries to uplift your mood.

Aruna ji is fine that the tale will paintings. This tale is atleast distinctive and quite near fact. there are such a lot of ladies with wheatish or darkish complexion in our united states! we can clearly do some thing. She tells Naina to start operating on her tale asap. Naina maintains a circumstance before her. Aruna ji thinks it is about money but Naina points out that it is about their goals. I want Sameer to be the hero of the serial. most effective then will I come up with this tale. Aruna ji seems at Naina and Sameer. I don’t work on situations. Even stars like Anil Kapoor don’t hold any conditions. Why will I come up with that hazard? Sameer corrects Naina’s phrases. it’s far a request. Naina says i am sorry if you felt bad but I sense Sameer will healthy the individual maximum. I notion of him whilst writing it. they ask her if she thinks no one else might be able to do it. Naina denies. i’d be capable of write higher if he does it. Aruna ji advises her to hold the expert existence and personal lifestyles separate. we are able to give a risk to Sameer in the course of auditions. we’re continually looking for new faces. Naina shows faith in Sameer. Aruna ji tells her to start writing episodes. Naina gets carried away but Sameer stops her. we are able to come back whilst we write the first episode. They depart. Aruna ji nods. They remind me of my vintage days! Naina peeks lower back at Aruna ji. Can i’ve an autograph? Aruna ji gladly offers her one. Naina and Sameer thank her and go away.

Naina needs to call Preeti asap. Sameer stops her. Why did you keep that situation? I becomes a hero if I deserve to be one! She insists that he has that expertise. i’m able to see it and the world will see it soon as nicely. He asks her if she will be able to surrender on her dream of turning into a writer. She nods. He asks her how she will love him a lot. She replies that it is just like he loves her. I may be your manager after you emerge as a hero. i can decide everything for you! He nods. What ought to I fee for my act? 5k? She denies. movie actors take 70k for his or her part. He says we can take a lac on your writing. I can not charge is much less. They communicate definitely about their desires. we can purchase a brand new house, gift Papa a automobile and phone Chacha Chachi right here most effective. She hugs him. They part the hug upon noticing such a lot of people round however he tells her that it doesn’t rely. They hug again.

Naina and Sameer input inside the society gate. Dhondu advises Naina and Sameer to visit the lawn. all people is collected there. some thing goes on there! they wonder what it can be. They wonder if every person located out as to what came about between Tanvi and Pundit. they arrive to the lawn and find it empty. everyone comes there and congratulates them. They ask her about Aruna ji.

Your happiness doubles if others grow to be a part of it. we noticed all and sundry smiling because of us after see you later. turned into it going to stay? Wait and watch!

Naina offers Aruna ji’s autograph to Gauri ji. She feedback that they’ve been dwelling in Bombay on the grounds that years yet they couldn’t see a movie star till date. You met Aruna ji so quickly.

Precap: Sameer is shaken up because of something.


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