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All the society members have fun naina and sameer’s victory together. nirmala ji and shubham look angrily at them. nirmala ji takes tanvi with her. she reprimands preeti for celebrating whilst tanvi’s alliance broke. it took place due to sameer and naina. rakesh tries to give an explanation for but she tells him she has not anything to go with him. have a good time your happiness. we will manage our residence. tanvi tells her she is pleasant however nirmala ji says i am not. preeti shouldn’t be satisfied as nicely. nirmala ji asks her how she is glad. preeti replies that they aren’t at fault for what pundit did. nirmala ji says you are only involved about your family and no longer us. she tells tanvi now not to worry. i will discover a guy for you. i’ve referred to as a circle of relatives the next day. this time i can help you get ready. those humans should live away from my circle of relatives! they are inauspicious for us. alliances broke! perhaps the alliance gets constant this time in case you men stay away this time. you can do that a good deal to your loved ones in the end! she takes tanvi along with her. rakesh, naina and sameer sense bad.

sameer and aditya are collectively. sameer rues that why can’t the whole lot be excellent while such appropriate matters are occurring in lifestyles. i don’t thoughts humans pronouncing horrific things to me but i don’t adore it whilst humans communicate badly with naina. aditya says precisely. even i can’t take it while a person says some thing to tanvi. i wont let all and sundry speak to her like this anymore!. sameer says exactly. there may be a way to give an explanation for. how can you allow a person speak to the one you love like this? he realises what aditya intended. i heard the whole lot clearly. you guys are collectively? aditya admits that he loves tanvi. we can must do something for romance. sameer nods.

rakesh tells naina to write down an wonderful story. what’s it about? she replies that she will tlel that once the whole tale is complete. it’s miles at a point in which anything can occur.

sameer asks aditya why they dint tell all people. aditya says we dint let each person realize. it’s been taking place for a yr now. i experience everyone will find out quickly. sameer says you need to tell all people. aditya says all of us will no longer be open to that concept. i notion i will inform once i am getting a position. i am unfortunate in that the front! sameer offers to assist but aditya advises him against it. no one thinks very well of you too. sameer nods. what if it creates a trouble for preeti? aditya says tanvi and i have idea of a plan. sameer asks him what it’s miles. aditya takes his promise. sameer says i ought to tell naina. i don’t cover whatever from her. aditya makes him swear upon their friendship and hugs him. tanvi and i met inside the society for the primary time.

aditya tells sameer their love tale; how they wrote love letters to every other and every bit (in mute). sameer is all smiles.

sameer drinks masses of water. naina seems at him. are you okay? he nods. why? she asks him if he desires to say some thing. he stops himself recalling aditya’s swear. it’s miles not anything! she asks him to mention some thing. i may additionally get an concept to put in writing the story in addition. i cannot think about anything. he says you don’t know how fantastic it is. can’t you suspect of something? naina denies. i don’t know who that lady loves. do something? he declines. she says the guy might be in university or in society. he is probably an acquaintance to us or a entire stranger! he need to be someone who no person may want to have notion of! we can keep it a thriller. he says even i felt like that after i heard that tanvi loves a person else. i used to be completely shaken. she insists that they have to recognise who it could be. he tells her to assume.

naina is prepared to go for her meeting. she finds sameer lost. what passed off? he’s taking aditya and tanvi’s name. she looks at him in confusion. why did you are taking their names together? he covers up announcing that he’s concerned for each of them at one-of-a-kind stages. it were given blended up. she tells him to get ready asap. we will cross collectively. sameer receives aditya’s name who asks him to come to the smartphone booth asap. sameer sends naina alone on her assembly. he meets aditya close to the telephone booth. tanvi also joins them. sameer points out that no one will be glad in the event that they marry stealthily. tanvi nods. it wont make every body glad but i can’t be happy with absolutely everyone else. aditya reasons that there is not anything to hide. i really like tanvi lots. i request you to assist me. sameer says you will elope. have you ever notion about your families? aditya says we’ve got determined to go in advance with courtroom marriage. i got nowadays’s date however they want a witness. i notion you will become our witness. sameer is of the same opinion. i don’t take a step returned in friendship. it is a love marriage in spite of everything. what about your families? they decide to stay like before. we wont reveal it till the time aditya receives a few job. aditya adds that their love tale wont come to be like the way it occurred in qayamat se qayamat tak. aditya hugs sameer.

voiceover – sameer:
a few things don’t trade. i idea our antique days of hiding things are over but i couldn’t say no to my friend. friendship has always been my weakness in the end!

Precap: naina and sameer are watching a scary display. rakesh makes a scary gesture to ask them what befell.


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