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YUDKBH 19 Jul episode starts with Sameer and Aditya are as one. Sameer mourns that for what reason can’t everything be fine when such beneficial things are occurring throughout everyday life. I wouldn’t fret individuals directing terrible sentiments toward me yet I don’t care for it when individuals talk gravely with Naina. Aditya says precisely. Indeed, even I can’t take it when somebody says something to Tanvi. I wont give anybody a chance to converse with her like this any longer!. Sameer says precisely. There is an approach to clarify. How might you let somebody converse with your adored one like this? He understands what Aditya implied. I heard everything unmistakably. You all are as one? Aditya concedes that he cherishes Tanvi. We should accomplish something for affection. Sameer gestures.

Rakesh advises Naina to compose an amazing story. What is it about? She answers that she will tlel that once the whole story is finished. It is at a point where anything can occur.

Sameer asks Aditya for what valid reason they dint tell anybody. Aditya says we dint let anybody know. It’s been continuing for a year now. I feel everybody will discover soon. Sameer says you should tell everybody. Aditya says everybody won’t be available to that thought. I figured I will tell once I get a job. I am unfortunate in that front! Sameer offers to help however Aditya prompts him against it. Nobody thinks in all respects pleasantly of you as well. Sameer gestures. Imagine a scenario in which it makes an issue for Preeti. Aditya says Tanvi and I have thought of an arrangement. Sameer asks him what it is. Aditya takes his guarantee. Sameer says I should tell Naina. I don’t conceal anything from her. Aditya causes him to swear upon their companionship and embraces him. Tanvi and I met in the general public just because.

Aditya reveals to Sameer their romantic tale; how they composed love letters to one another and each piece (in quiet). Sameer is all grins. Sameer beverages loads of water. Naina takes a gander at him. Is it accurate to say that you are okay? He gestures. Why? She inquires as to whether he needs to state something. He stops himself reviewing Aditya’s swear. It is nothing! She requests that he state something. I may get a plan to compose the story further. I can’t consider anything. He says you don’t have the foggiest idea how stunning it is. Wouldn’t you be able to consider anything? Naina denies. I don’t have a clue who that young lady adores. Do you know something? He decreases. She says the person may be in school or in the public arena. He may be a colleague to us or a total outsider! He ought to be somebody who nobody could have thought of! We will keep it a riddle. He says even I felt like that when I heard that Tanvi adores another person. I was totally shaken. She demands that they should know who it could be. He advises her to think.

Naina is good to go to go for her gathering. She discovers Sameer lost. What was the deal? He takes Aditya and Tanvi’s name. She takes a gander at him in disarray. For what reason did you take their names together? He conceals saying that he is concerned for them two at various levels. It got stirred up. She guides him to prepare asap. We will go together. Sameer gets Aditya’s call who requests that he go to the telephone stall asap. Sameer sends Naina alone on her gathering. He meets Aditya close to the telephone corner. Tanvi likewise goes along with them. Sameer calls attention to that nobody will be upbeat on the off chance that they wed stealthily. Tanvi gestures. It wont satisfy anybody however I can’t be content with any other individual. Aditya reasons that there is nothing to stow away. I cherish Tanvi a ton. I demand you to support me. Sameer says you will steal away. Have you contemplated your families? Aditya says we have chosen to proceed with court marriage. I got the present date yet they need an observer. I figured you will end up being our observer. Sameer concurs. I don’t make a stride back in fellowship. It is an adoration marriage all things considered. Shouldn’t something be said about your families? They choose to live like previously. We wont unveil it till the time Aditya lands some position. Aditya includes that their romantic tale wont end up resembling how it occurred in qayamat Se Qayamat Tak. Aditya embraces Sameer.

Voiceover – Sameer:
A few things don’t change. I thought our days of yore of concealing things are finished yet I couldn’t disapprove of my companion. Fellowship has consistently been my shortcoming all things considered!

Precap: Naina and Sameer are viewing a terrifying show. Rakesh makes an alarming motion to ask them what occurred.


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