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Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai: Sameer and Naina are on foot inside the lawn. Dimpy and Jiggy asks them if they’re headed to a few temple from here. Naina denies. Why? Dimpy says similar to that.

Sameer recalls that he asked Naina approximately her get dressed. Dimpy tells Naina her coiffure is very distinctive. They make Sameer click on their snap shots. in addition they ask Naina and Sameer to pose for a few pics. Sameer makes Naina do away with her shawl first and then they pose for photographs.

Dimpy tells Jiggy that maybe honeymoon occurs before marriage in love marriages.

Voiceover – Sameer:
It occurs from time to time that human beings let you know that you are the ones enjoying. It feels so angry. I felt that i used to be within the identical region. How could I tell that forget about honeymoon we dint even kiss!

Voiceover – Naina:
i used to be the primary girl to

take books on my honeymoon. I couldn’t understand how to tell Sameer to take a look at.
Naina and Sameer are unpacking their bags. She panics seeing the nightie in his hand and remembers the incident in shop.

Voiceover – Sameer:
I couldn’t recognize from where to begin. I handiest had 3 matters on my mind – romance, romance and romance!

Sameer is sad as the glass isn’t smooth. He complains about the entirety whilst Naina switches on tune. depart all this. He refuses to live on this lodge but then sits next to her. She is set to trade the channel whilst he holds her hand. They percentage an eye fixed lock. She withdraws her hand.

He tries holding it again however she specializes in the remote. He holds her hand firmly this time and makes her face him. They share a good hug. He tries kissing her but she turns simply then. He ends up kissing on her cheek. He asks her what she is doing. it’s miles our honeymoon tonight! He complains about the bed too! the whole lot is awful right here.

I wont spare Munna. the whole thing is pathetic. Naina quietly lies down whilst he’s complaining.

Voiceover – Naina:
it’s miles said which you get to recognize human beings’s true traits after marriage handiest. I noticed Sameer’s actual avatar that day. things befell due to Sameer’s antics that night time. It tousled our minds and spoiled the night time also.

Sameer is not able to sleep. He attempts to wake Naina however she pretends to be asleep. He lies down dejected.

next morning, Naina wakes up and reveals Sameer dozing at the chair. name tracks plays. His sleep receives disturbed because of the daylight. She stands in between and sees him enjoyable. She is set to lean nearer while he opens his eyes.

You may kiss me. i will close my eyes once more. She asks him if this is what he has been dreaming entire night time. He says i’d have dreamt only if I had slept. Don’t understand why Munna booked it! it’s miles worst! She asks him if they could stay in Jiggy’s motel for a night.

i’m not a miser however i am an Ahmedabadi. I shop money but I let Sameer spend extra money for the primary time that day so he stops complaining!

Sameer and Naina come to the identical lodge in which Jiggy and Dimpy are staying but they simplest have a set. It charges round 45k. Sameer tells the receptionist to book it for 3 days (in Amitabh Bacchan’s style). manager asks for his identity and then refuses to provide them the room because of incorrect names.

Sameer admits that he was joking. She is my spouse Naina Maheshwari. supervisor tells the receptionist to call police. You each look so younger. I assume you are attempting to ebook a room beneath false pretences. Sameer and Naina attempt to give an explanation for but in useless. They even display the mangalsutra but receptionist factors out that they can be offered without problems in recent times.

Voiceover – Naina:
Sameer’s performing competencies cost us simply bad that day. We came to live in a 5 big name motel however here we have been on the verge of going to jail on our honeymoon!

Bela reveals Preeti sleeping peacefully and attempts to wake her up. Preeti tells her to let her sleep but Bela tells her to have a look at for her checks. Preeti asks her to get her married. you bought Naina married who favored studying and i am nonetheless right here. i am not going anywhere. i will observe at home. Bela gives up.

Preeti begins studying and notices Bela sulking in a corner. Anand asks Bela for something. She is going to carry it. Anand next sends Preeti to convey towel. He notices Bela mixing peas with the waste and Preeti analyzing the ebook the wrong way up. Did something happen? Will a person solution me? They respond that Naina left. all of the amusing is long past! Anand is going interior.

Naina tells the motel human beings to understand. we have a reserving at Ooty Royale. you could test with them. manager tells them such activities might be k there however now not here! we are able to call police. Naina indicates Sameer to Munna.

Ask him to fax you the wedding card. Munna is asking at Swati’s smartphone and taking note of sad songs. He thinks it is Swati. He continues the cellphone next to the speaker the moment he selections it. Naina and Sameer are harassed. Munna maintains searching at Swati’s photograph. Naina thinks he had a combat with Swati again.

Munna subsequently alternatives the receiver and is amazed to listen Sameer’s voice. Sameer offers him a fax range to ship the wedding card. i’m able to tell you everything later.

Munna concurs. Sameer seems bossily at the lodge human beings and will become Amitabh Bacchan avatar once more.

Precap: Naina asks Sameer in which he was. He tells her he went to buy train ticket. we could? She makes him swear upon her. He tells her that he has certainly offered the ticket.


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