Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 1st April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Sameer attempts getting romantic but Naina makes him cognizance on the concern. He performs with her hair and makes a kissing face but she maintains pointing the books at him. He falls asleep whilst sitting. She allows him lie down however sits right down to have a look at herself. She appears at him. he is just like Preeti – Padhai-chor!

Tau ji tells his spouse to hurry up. it is the marriage of judge’s daughter. She says I have to get prepared properly as i’m your spouse after all. I should put on a small necklace anywhere. He asks her in the event that they should visit jeweller now. She speaks of the necklace that Bela got. He asks her if she will beg Bela for jewelry now. She lists down the items which were given to Bela by means of their MIL. He desires to do the division the next day but she insists upon doing it right away. Tau ji calls Anand

and introduces himself as Mr. Naresh Agarwal. He speaks to Anand about the jewelry. We need to distribute it flippantly now that the entirety is over among us. Anand concurs to withdraw it from the bank locker day after today morning.
Voiceover – Naina:
for lots days, I dint know that Chacha ji were on this hassle because of my wedding. My anger for Tau ji and Tai became hatred when Preeti told me all this!

Naina has changed and tries waking Sameer. He tells her to let him sleep however she tells him to greet her and get up. he is reluctant however she does now not allow him sleep anymore. you need to brush, bathe and do puja so i will come up with tea. He wonders if she is his wife or Boss. He smiles seeing the keys round her waist. She does no longer allow him sleep or have tea. He subsequently goes to wash. They do puja collectively. Naina and Sameer experience tea within the balcony. He does not adore it although. It isn’t well cooked. He jumps excitedly. there’s something which i’m able to let you know atleast! allow’s pass.

Anand offers tea to his brother and SIL but they do not want. Tai ji asks him to provide them their percentage. Tau ji asks for Preeti. Bela stocks that she changed into sent downstairs to carry stuff. Anand adds that she wouldn’t have appreciated it. Tai ji selects all the heavy jewellery for herself. Tau ji tells her to look carefully. desire they dint maintain something with them. Tai ji appears at a couple and says Ma ji gave it to me. Bela says she gave it to you for a characteristic. Tai ji argues together with her however Anand stops Bela from retorting. Tai ji asks for the kundan necklace. Did you sell it? Bela denies. We gave it to Naina. Tai ji makes faces.

Naina is cooking. She adds wrong ingredient. He tells her about it but she is sure she is doing it right. He says you will reduce to rubble with absolutely everyone. He makes faces as she does now not open the windows. She says i was about to open them. He says this is what stupid humans usually say. He does not like the mess she is developing. He makes a remark about it but goes quiet seeing her stare pointedly in his route. She opens the container of spices and realises that Sameer became right. She appears afraid at the same time as adding spices. She holds it from far. Sameer maintains the whole lot returned properly but she shows him to recognition on economics alternatively.

Voiceover – Naina:
two human beings were given to know the fact about each different that day. We noticed an altogether special avatar of each other that day. He understood that i used to be a zero with household paintings at the same time as he became a freak with cleanliness. hold watching how we discover greater about each different.

Sameer maintains cleaning the slab and ground as she continues cooking. The gas all of sudden turns off. He taunts her for making excuses while she does not recognize the way to cook dinner. She tries to mild it. He tells her no longer to kill lighter. The gasoline has finished. She nods. where is second cylinder? He makes her ask him sweetly and then offers it to her.

Voiceover – Naina:
I swear I consider this present day on every occasion I change fuel cylinder nowadays. i was school topper but i used to be stupid on this. Chachi ji used to do it herself so it isn’t virtually my fault!

Naina tells Sameer to change the cylinder. I have to knead dough. He desires to attention on his research. They cutely bicker over it. He finally ends up pronouncing that it’d be better to knead dough instead of change cylinder. She says neither folks understand the way to do it. She prays to God to do something. Doorbell rings just then. Kanji greets Naina. Sameer thanks him for coming over. you have to manage everything now. Kanji and Naina are officially added. They ask him to change the cylinder first. Naina thank you God.

Precap: Sameer and Naina make faces at each other from balcony. They spend some great time with each different.


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