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YUDKBH 1 Aug episode begins with Aditya, Jatin and Vanita bring nourishment for Naina and Sameer. Aditya’s eyes are scanning for somebody. Naina prods him. She will come. Who can prevent you both from gathering now? Aditya advises her not to prod him. Shubham and Preeti likewise come there. Aditya inquires as to whether they have come alone. Shubham reasons that 2 individuals can’t come alone. He gets some information about her. Preeti prods him by taking Nirmala ji and Dadi’s name. Aditya at long last gets some information about Tanvi. Preeti answers that mummy ji advised her not to come here. Aditya is shocked. Why? Sejal accompanies Tanvi. Aditya waves at her sweetly. Preeti inquires as to whether he saw Tanvi at last. Everybody prods Aditya. Preeti reveals to Naina that she brought Tanvi without educating Nirmala ji. She wouldn’t have let her come here. Everybody plunks down. Naina and Sameer trade a grin. Preeti inquires as to whether nobody has originated from the young lady’s side. Vanita and Jatin switch sides. Sameer says young men’s side has a high ground. Naina inquires as to whether lady’s side has nothing to do by any means. I don’t see anything extraordinary in your lucky man. Sameer and Naina offer encourages to Aditya and Tanvi on the best way to treat their life partners. Everybody grins.

Nirmala ji is conversing with Gauri on telephone. The mahurat is tomorrow. I am considering doing Tanvi’s vidaai. I feel apprehensive however that I may miss something. It would be ideal if you excuse me if that occurs. Gauri advises her not to think that way. We are companions first and relatives later. Keep in mind this consistently. We just need the children to be cheerful. Every one of the children are at Naina and Sameer’s place. They have kept a section for Aditya and Tanvi. Nirmala ji is miffed hearing it. Gauri says Naina and Sameer took care of everything or don’t know till when Aditya and Tanvi would have concealed their connection. Sameer and Naina love and regard everybody. Nirmala ji isn’t satisfied yet does not say it so anyone can hear. Fill me in regarding whether you have a unique solicitation. Gauri says I have an interest. You wont cry during Tanvi’s vidaai. Nirmala ji says I wont give you that possibility ever. They end the approach a glad note however Nirmala ji is miserable reasoning that Sameer and Naina will before long snare her child and DIL. I should accomplish something asap!

Naina recommends that everybody should move. Everybody moves on Akhiyan Milaun melody. Naina takes a gander at Sameer and envisions moving on that melody with him.

Next morning, every one of the women are helping Tanvi prepare. Shubham and Jatin are likewise occupied in arrangements. Nirmala ji advises Preeti to ensure nothing is absent. Preeti says I will check everything. Nirmala ji mourns that they couldn’t do the wedding like they needed to. We ought to do the vidaai pleasantly atleast. Tanvi discloses to her mom that she has given her the best endowment of her life. I don’t need whatever else. She embraces her mom. Try not to stress now. Everything will happen easily. Doorbell rings. Shubham invites Naina, Sameer, Rakesh and Gadkari family. Aditya expresses gratitude toward Naina and Sameer for supporting him through everything. Sameer reveals to him that it isn’t required in fellowship. Shubham takes everybody inside.

Nirmala ji is troubled to see Naina and Sameer. She stops Gauri before she can offer blessing to Tanvi. Gopal says she is our little girl now. Nirmala ji says Naina and Sameer shouldn’t be here as the connection is between our families. She keeps a condition for Tanvi’s vidaai. Sameer and Naina wont have anything to do with us after today! Everybody sees her in stun. Preeti asks her MIL what they have done. Nirmala ji calls them con artist and liars. I don’t confide in them! Jatin and Shubham advise her not to say this. Nirmala ji says I would have hitched Tanvi and Aditya with grandeur and show if not for them. They have made a joke of their lives! Aditya won’t hear anything against Sameer and Naina. Rakesh says they may have taken an inappropriate way yet they dint have any terrible aims. Nirmala ji says they have consumed our satisfaction since they have come here. They can’t be a piece of our family! Aditya says they were the main ones who comprehended our affection. Tanvi seconds him. We are as one today in light of Sameer and Naina. Aditya says I know Tanvi will bolster me in this so I talk for her benefit as well. In the event that Naina and Sameer wont be here, at that point this custom wont occur. I wouldn’t fret avoiding Tanvi till the time that occurs.

Preeti reveals to her MIL not to keep this condition. Everything was going easily. You could have talked about it once. Nirmala ji says I am doing this for my children. You should avoid them in the event that you need to remain as my DIL. Aditya says I will leave now as I can’t hear anybody denouncing my companion any longer. Sameer asks Aditya not to do this. Life ends up simpler when you have your friends and family close by. Naina gestures. It is the fresh start of your life. Try not to stress over us. Love tests a great deal. Simply recollect that we are cheerful for you. It doesn’t make a difference in the event that we are here or not. You ought to be here. You realize that we can assuage individuals effectively. We will assuage everybody one day. Everybody feels awful for Naina and Sameer. Sameer, Naina and Rakesh leave from that point.

Voiceover – Naina:
Our connection with the general public was to such an extent that we couldn’t be pushed away notwithstanding when somebody wished to. In some cases one needs to leave their friends and family against our desire. It is the standard of life.

Precap: Naina goes out while advising a episode to Sameer. He freezes.


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