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Munna and Pundit speak about the guests’ pickups. Munna asks Swati if she can include him. She tells him she desires to talk in non-public however he pushes it for later. Sameer returns. Munna gifts him some thing and says honeymoon. Sameer repeats the word loudly. The girls have heard them too. They divert the topic. Munna is going apart with Swati. Sameer opens the envelope

Voiceover – Sameer:
turn red even nowadays on every occasion I think about that day. What ought to i’ve executed? That age became like that. Munna and Pundit had shown me a dream which changed into too colorful. Bells began ringing in my thoughts after listening to that word. I had no concept i’m able to get in problem afterwards while calming down the bells ringing in my thoughts.

Bela, Preeti, Naina and Phula Bua come to a shop to shop for the unique

nightie. Naina and Preeti stare on the special styles of nightie held on the mannequins. Bela hesitantly asks a shopkeeper to reveal them a special type of nightie. She even points at one of the mannequins. He addresses them as heroines. They look at him in confusion. He stocks that they have named the nighties because it catches everybody’s attention. He starts displaying them the nighties. Sameer enters in the identical save simply then. Bela asks for some other layout. A lady stands between Sameer and Naina so they cannot see each different.
Shopkeeper asks Sameer what he wishes. He points at the mannequin sporting nightie.

Shopkeeper suggests extra nighties to Bela. Preeti asks Naina to name Sameer and ask for his suggestion.

Sameer asks for crimson nightie mainly. Shopkeeper is mumbling to himself. kids have emerge asso shameless nowadays. He has come to shop for nightie for his spouse on a ladies keep! He have to have include a few woman simplest. Bela overhears it and calls the man shameless too (with out seeing who it’s far).

Naina stares blankly at the nighties. Shopkeeper indicates a pink nightie. Bela shows Naina to buypurple one. It suits you very much. Naina asks her if it’s far vitali’ve sufficient night time fits. Preeti tells her to shop for one. Heroines put on them too. those are so gentle.

Sameer asks for light crimson coloration. Shopkeeper asks his colleague to show greater nighties as in line with Sameer’s request.

Preeti repeats his request in Naina’s ears. She turns to take a look at the guy and notices Sameer. Bela asks for her choice. She begins diverting her and the shopkeeper to reveal extra. Bela says we’ve seen everything.

Sameer seems round.

Naina does now not allow Bela move from her location.

Sameer notices the model and selects that one. He loudly asks the shopkeeper to % this one. Naina, Bela and Preeti stare in his course in surprise. He lies that he was buying a saree for Naina (protecting a nightie in his hand). He throws it away and excuses himself. Shopkeeper shows him the crimson one that he had asked for. this is what you desired on your might-be spouse right? The women stare at him blankly. Sameer runs out of the shop.

Voiceover – Naina:
My cheeks have became pink because of Chachi ji’s slaps in the beyond also but they becameextra purple that day due to that incident. It turned into due to the fact lower back then it wasn’t an everyday factor to do.

Sameer returns stealthily to the store to shop for that nightie.

Voiceover – Sameer:
it is approximately the time when the shops had been separate for women and gentlemeni used to be feeling embarrassed however I pushed that concept aside and acquired that nightie stealthily.

subsequent day, Naina is not able to keep lower back herself. Sameer tells her now not to chuckletoo much. I simply wanted to provide you surprise. She continues teasing him and is of the same opinion no longer to grin but fails miserably. i used to be smiling more because of your expressions than the nightie incident. He stares at her pointedly. She agrees no longer to giggleagainyou are so shameless. I thought you have been simple. He replies that he changed intoharmless. It became you who turned me naughty. He holds her hand. She asks him to allow moveand fools him with the aid of taking JBR’s call. He refuses to allow go and inches nearer. What if I had bought some thingi am your wife. She reminds him that he is her would-be husband. permit’s go. We ought to also distribute cards to everyone.

Juhi is checking herself in the mirror whilst Arjun enters inside the room calling out to Naina. He is going quiet for few seconds. They start talking. He gets misplaced for some time. She makes him praise her dressi’ve visible it someplace before. She stocks that it’s far Shefali’s. She has worn a comparable one in an advert so I copied it. I don’t recognise if it’s far searching equally accurateon me or now not. Arjun says it is looking manner better on you. She asks him what she shouldput on within the wedding ceremony. He advises her to wear whatever. You look true in the whole lot. She decides to wear lehenga. it’ll be a lot funi can revel in it thoroughly. He smiles and leaves.

Sameer and Naina present JBR their wedding card. He consents to return. The toppers of our college are going to marry in spite of everything. He calls it another considered one of his lame funny story. They get to recognize that primary Ma’am wont be in nowadays. They offer him sweets when he cracks every other terrible shaggy dog storyin addition they hand him their go away programs. They ask for 15 day go away. He reminds them that their tests are due subsequent month. bring your books with you for your honeymoon.

Voiceover – Sameer:
Naina and my love tale was odd. Books dint depart us even on honeymoon.

Voiceover – Naina:
i was this kind of fool that I started out making a listing in my head already.

Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 1st February 2019 Written Update Precap:

Sameer asks Naina for a lip kiss.

Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 1st February 2019 Written Episode Update
Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 1st February 2019 Written Episode Update

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