Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 1st March 2019 Written Episode Update
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Vishakha asks them if the whole lot is best. Mama ji says Bobby become feeling little uneasy. Vishakha gets concerned. wherein is he? i’m sure he might have long past home. How do we do the following ritual now? Mama ji gives to test on Bobby however Vishakha suggests letting Mama ji do it. Mama ji is reluctant however agrees as anyone insists. Vishakha tells him not to fear. I realize Bobby isn’t at all interested by doing this ritual. She is going to test on Bobby.

Naina and Sameer pay their respects to Lord. Phula Bua asks Naina and Sameer to speak Doha’s. Naina says one approximately their all the time love. Rinki is bowled as constantly. Sameer compliments himself for being lucky to have gotten Naina in his Doha. Sameer goes outside along with his buddies. He drapes the gathbandhan dupatta around Naina’s neck and leaves.

Bela and all the girls complete the ritual by using setting turmeric handprints on Mama ji’s lower back.
Vishakha notices Bobby still inside the venue. He replies that it occurs in weddings. allow’s do this Pehrawani ritual. She goes blank. He asks her what passed off.

Each person clothes Mama ji as a female and does his make-up. Mami ji looks on in disgust.

Bobby receives irked with Vishakha. He starts to go however Vishakha stops him. He asks her why she has known as him within the wedding ceremony all the manner from Delhi. you think i can do whatever you will inquire from me to. i am smiling with / at all those who I don’t like. i am step father however you forgot me whilst i was imagined to do a ritual. You proved me that i’m a step father! He walks away without paying heed to her pleas. Sameer notices his mom in tears and asks her approximately it however she lies that something fell in her eyes.

Phula Bua and Bela deliver remaining minute insights to Naina on marriage and managing family members. Bela tells Naina that you and Sameer are husband and spouse now. If Sameer does some thing incorrect, then be patient. maintain your eyes and tone decrease. nowadays’ family members don’t last for too long sometimes. A lady has to make masses of adjustments after marriage. matters might be nice. simply have persistence. additionally, don’t be stuck in tv-VCR. girls these days have began studying riding. Don’t hassle Sameer over it. Naina smiles.

Voiceover – Naina:
this is approximately the times while women had been taught to walk a bit in the back of the guys while these days, girls are taught to stroll with boys. Now i’m waiting for the day while girls could be informed to walk a bit beforehand of boys.

Munna and Pundit shout for Bidaai. Anand and Bela come out with Naina just then. Bidaai track performs in the history. Naina starts offevolved crying. She hugs her buddies one by one. Rakesh is likewise visible crying at his brother’s residence. Anand appears on unluckily as Naina hugs Rinki and Phula Bua. Naina holds Bela tightly and cries. Anand hugs her next. She asks for Preeti. Bela is going to locate her. Preeti is seen crying in a room. She has closed the door from interior. Bela knocks at the door and asks her if she wont meet Naina. Preeti cries loudly. Bela tells her to satisfy Naina or she will be very unhappy. you’re my exact woman. Please open the door. Wont you meet Naina? Preeti does no longer even pass. Bela comes lower back outside in which all people is. Pooja enables Naina with the ultimate ritual. Anand makes Naina stand next to Sameer and keeps the gathbandhan dupatta again around Sameer’s shoulder. Sameer tells him not to fear about Naina. i will cope with her similar to you have looked after her till date. Anand smiles thru his tears and hugs him.

Preeti is crying badly in her room. She muffles her cries the use of her hand. She eventually comes out o bid adieu to her sister.

Voiceover – Naina:
That day Preeti and i cried loads wondering who can we combat with these days or proportion things with. Preeti changed into worse thinking she may be the only one to get hold of Chachi ji’s slaps now. Bidaai is this type of bad moment of separation out of your circle of relatives. On pinnacle of it the song that the band performed made all and sundry cry. every now and then even the grooms used to cry over it. I sense like crying even these days once I see my Bidaai video. One, for the fact that i was going far from my family and secondly, for my worst hairdo ever!

Vishakha welcomes the newlyweds in their new domestic.

Voiceover – Naina:
I couldn’t trust it that i used to be going to live in the sort of big residence now. I felt like dancing to my heart’s content material right away! I felt like Mumtaz Mahal that day as after all Sameer got that massive residence for me.

Naina receives misplaced for some time. Vishakha and Sameer must distract her via calling her commonly. Sameer asks her to reply him truely. You desired to bounce with happiness after seeing your private home right? She nods her head however then shakes head towards it. Her grahpravesh is performed. Ye Tera Ghar Ye Mera Ghar performs. Naina is all smiles looking at the house. Sameer is watching her closely. Munna and Pundit tell him to visit his room. Did you marry to live here? There are flowers and wonderful ornament anywhere. Sameer has to literally shrug them away. Naina and Sameer proportion an eye lock.

The written episode of 1 March 2019 Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai episode update online story ends.

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Precap: Sameer involves his room in normal garments. a person is sitting at the bed together with his / her face protected with a dupatta. Pundit is hiding below the bed and smiling mischievously. Sameer tries lifting the dupatta however the person does not permit him


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