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Naina asks the beautician to make her hair like they had been earlier than but beautician tells her it wont occur before three-four months. Naina fumes in anger. Chachi ji wont spare me! Preeti indicates the door to beautician. This make-up is enough! Beautician leaves. there’s some other knock at the door. Rinki shouts at Naina to hurry up. Naina appears at herself within the mirror pointedly.

Munna says you are looking at us as if we requested you to play Kabbaddi. Pundit adds that they dint ask him to act like a few hero for a horse. Sameer suggests Munna to marry Swati on the same mandap. They move quiet seeing Vishakha there.

Voiceover – Sameer:
i was so indignant upon myself. I had become a donkey because of a horse!

Voiceover – Naina:
Sameer have become a donkey and i became a endure!

Vishakha laughs searching at Sameer. Sameer refuses to visit his wedding ceremony with the mark. The photos wont come out first-class. Vishakha calls it a small mark. Munna tells her to deal with Sameer. there was no trouble at some point of however he has lost it now. Sameer remains positioned. I wont go to wedding ceremony like this. He sits in a nook upset. Vishakha seems at him in marvel. Munna and Pundit request her to pacify Sameer.

Naina tells Preeti and Kamya to lie to all and sundry. inform them i’m unwell and cancel the marriage for now. They ask her if she has long past mad. Naina refuses to head outside with this hairdo. Preeti tells her to be quiet. allow us to think about something. On one hand, Preeti and Kamya try and fix Naina’s hairdo (with hair oil) at the same time as alternatively, Munna and Pundit try and fix Sameer’s wound (with makeup). not anything works in their favour.

Bela knocks at Naina’s door. come out. How lengthy will you take? Rinki tells Naina to inform her if she can take time. i’m prepared. I may be the bride. it will likely be fun. Sameer jija ji will be surprised. we will be like Salman and Madhuri. Naina tells her sister to manipulate Rinki. She talks nonstop. Bela hits her playfully. you say some thing comes on your thoughts. She takes Rinki together with her telling Naina to come out asap.

Sameer insists he wont go to his wedding ceremony like this. Vishakha sternly tells him it isn’t a circus.

Voiceover – Sameer:
Mumma become right with the word. We had been indeed youngsters that’s why our experiments turned out to be complete screw ups! the brush is stuck in Naina’s hair. She keeps shouting and screaming as her hair get pulled. where is Swati? She is my first-rate buddy however she isn’t here. They tell her to focus in this hassle first. Preeti advises Naina to close her eyes. Don’t take a look at your self for a while. Naina complies. there may be some other knock at the door. A relative tells Naina to pop out speedy. Rakesh is getting indignant. Naina suggests Preeti to cowl her head with her dupatta. Preeti receives an concept. She is going out to bring her dupatta and finds Rinki proper outside the door. Rinki is eager to look Naina however Preeti does no longer let her pass inner.

Rakesh is telling the guests to hurry up. He lies that the Baraat has left already. Anand and Bela panic listening to it but Rakesh admits it became to idiot the visitor. He next scolds Rinki to bring Naina. Rinki stocks that Preeti isn’t starting the door. Rakesh is going to test out himself.

Voiceover – Sameer:
I wouldn’t have thrown such a lot of tantrums that day if I had known about the Naina’s hairdo. How will I be Sameer Maheshwari with out my tantrums?

Sameer comes downstairs conserving his head. Poonam asks him if he is great. He nods. Vishakha compliments her son. He sits down for the pagdi ritual (or sehrabandi).

Naina says Sameer informed me to depart my hair open. Kamya teases her to do it then. Don’t tell us if he faints. Naina is keen to open her eyes however they don’t allow her. Rakesh knocks on the door again and again. is this how long you’ll take to get geared up? You wont turn out to be beauty queens by means of applying make-up! He needs them to open the door. Preeti asks for 5 minutes while Naina asks for 10 minutes. Rakesh asks them how a great deal time they actually need. Preeti complains that he wasted their 5 minutes while speaking. I ought to get geared up too. Kamya says you had been ready when I came to see Naina.

Arjun reveals Juhi in his room. Tau ji and Tai ji are outside. What are you doing here? She confesses her emotions to him with a rose. it’s miles ok if you don’t love me however I cannot stay with this burden anymore. It isn’t critical for your beloved to like you returned. She starts offevolved to go but he says i really like you to her in return. I couldn’t gather the braveness to mention this to you earlier. She smiles.

Preeti and Kamya have tied Naina’s hair with pins and cover her head with dupatta. Naina eventually appears at herself.

Vishakha begins the pagdi ritual.

Naina is glad along with her temporary hairdo. She thanks them. Kamya asks her if Jija ji will allow her sit down subsequent to him now.

Vishakha keeps pagdi over Sameer’s head and tells him to observe the reflect. Your wound is well hidden now.

Voiceover – Naina:
Preeti and my hair shared a few strange connection. She had stored me in eleventh from the chewing gum that got caught in my hair by means of reducing them off and these days by way of fixing my hair on my wedding ceremony too. She turned into my best lifeline.

Voiceover – Sameer:
I had 3 lifelines – Munna & Pundit, Nanu and Munny (after Nanu’s death). My third lifeline had made me Crorepati, or honestly Naina’s Pati via hiding the mark on my forehead.

Sameer folds his arms in reverence earlier than his Nanu’s photo. Vishakha receives emotional seeing him accordingly.

Preeti broadcasts to everyone that the bride is prepared. anybody gets emotional seeing Naina within the bridal dress. A sad song plays in the historical past as Bela wards off evil eyes off her and hugs her tight. Rakesh’s eyes nicely up. He pats her head emotionally and then walks away. Preeti is in tears too. Rakesh tells everyone it is too late. let’s begin the ritual. Preeti and Rakesh wipe their tears. Naina heads interior with Bela and the ladies.

Sameer comes outside with his family and relatives. visitors question Mama ji and Mami ji why they may be sporting black to a marriage. you’ll become grandparents! They inform the ladies that they wore whatever they observed in the drawer. The visitors keep gazing them. Mama ji and Mami ji think about going to alternate but Vishakha does now not mind it. Mama ji tells the visitors no longer to stare at them. Groom’s mom has said sure to it. Mama ji subsequent scoffs Bobby on his apparel.

Phula Bua calls out to Rinki. Rinki asks her Dadi approximately the ritual. Phula Bua shares that they comb the bride’s hair in this ritual. Naina, Preeti and Kamya get tensed. Phula Bua gives the brush to Bela. Bela lifts Naina’s dupatta.

Precap:- Celebrations are on in full swing on both aspects.


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