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Naina starts offevolved to stroll away disillusioned. Sameer asks her to forestall but she refuses. we’ve got handiest been arguing in view that we are right here! Sameer asks her where she is off to. She replies that she will be able to visit station best as he has booked train tickets.

She stops a random guy to invite about railway station but Sameer sends him away. He tells Naina he turned into joking. We aren’t going returned. She asks him if he swore falsely upon her. He denies. I cannot even consider doing that. She asks him about the teach tickets. He sounds excited.

Toy educate is Ooty’s important attraction. She hits him saying Sameer ke bacche. He jokes that with a view to show up handiest while she can allow him come closer. She chases him playfully. They get happier seeing the toy train but she hides her pleasure from him. Sameer asks her to return. She extends

her hand but he runs away on his own. He extends his hand asking her to return as the train starts shifting. She runs ultimately.
Voiceover – Naina:
I know you need to be contemplating DDLJ. when Sameer and that i saw DDLJ a yr later, we had been taken aback as we had lived it precisely a yr in the past.

Naina grabs keep of Sameer’s hand and steps within the educate. She pretends to be disenchanted however he stops her. They sit down in the direction of each different and spend a few first-class time with every different. He keeps hinting at a lip kiss however she kisses him at the cheeks. The teach adventure ends.

Naina dons any other in shape which shocks Sameer. You wont cross outside in this. i’m able to find a get dressed for you. He opens her suitcase. She complains that that is new and first-rate. He denies. She stops him from opening her suitcase but it is too late. The undies has fallen on the ground. He turns his again. She starts offevolved displaying him her fits one after the other. He ultimately likes one dress for the evening birthday party. She smiles and is going to change. Sameer gets mesmerized seeing her in the white fit. Mere Rang Mein performs inside the heritage. She turns round seeing him inch closer to her within the reflect however he keeps walking closer. He hugs her and caresses her hand from shoulder to palm. You appearance best today. He kisses her on her cheeks and steps away. i have made an extremely good arrangement these days. Our first French kiss will take place inside the center of a lake! Neither people will neglect that second. Get geared up. i will call taxi. He kisses her once more and is going. Naina is all shy.

Sameer and Naina stroll outdoor hand in hand. He speaks of the arrangement that he has completed specifically for her. deliver me a kiss. She is concerned as there are such a lot of humans right here. He says that they’ve come on their honeymoon handiest however she stays placed. supervisor stops Naina from going inner as she is carrying sports activities footwear.

Sameer asks Naina why she dint put on heels. She replies that she changed heels. Flashback suggests Naina switching to sports activities shoes in place of heels. it’ll be dark in any case. no person will note. Flashback ends. Naina says sorry to Sameer who withdraws his hand.

He requests the manager however the manager asks them to step apart. We need to abide by the regulations and policies. Please step aside. There are more visitors in queue. Sameer walks away in a huff. Naina requests him to prevent.

He reprimands her for coming like this. She motives that heels had been hurting her feet. He asks her why she makes use of her mind when she shouldn’t. she apologizes. recreation footwear were comfy. He says I made all the arrangements for you and also you came in PT footwear!

Voiceover – Naina:
Time teaches everything. An innocent girl like me additionally stated a few abusive phrases that day. How does it matter what I put on! The same dress code has become so in these days because of which i was scolded a lot that day.

Anand tells his spouse he dint like what Bhaisahab stated. She motives that human beings say plenty whilst angry. Don’t overthink. i’m wondering how he fell similar to that. Is he very sick? Anand calls medical doctor to check on Bhaisahab.

Tai ji asks her husband why she challenged Anand and on what grounds. What if we need to leave the society? Tau ji is positive Anand only will need to go away. Tai ji calls them stubborn. They wont move everywhere.

Anand asks document to test on his brother as soon as. Bela appreciates his motion. He too compliments her for making this sort of yum tea. They smile.

Tau ji says folks that are afraid to answer are afraid of questions. i’ve every solution for Anand’s question. i will ensure I make his existence so depressing that he’ll ought to leave this society! overlook about his name within the card, i can make sure he sees not even a glimpse of Arjun’s wedding!

Dil Ke Armann plays inside the heritage as Sameer seems at the nightie and Naina. He too lies down and turns his face the opposite facet.

Voiceover – Sameer:
Age is just a variety of is a wrong announcing. Age does train you a way to regret your mistakes. I learnt it the identical manner. perhaps it became my stupidity attributable to my age handiest that i was disenchanted with Naina that day.

I did no longer comprehend that she changed into feeling higher in sports activities footwear that day. i was this kind of fool! I experience guilty even nowadays once I think about my honeymoon.

Naina and Sameer flip their backs to each other every time the alternative is turning round. Naina receives up seeing him sleep and opens her bag. Sameer peeks at her. She continues looking at him to make certain he’s asleep. She takes out a bag of Chakli and sits returned on the mattress.

Voiceover – Sameer:
Any husband will be confused seeing his spouse devour Chakli in the middle of the night on their honeymoon in place of pacifying her husband.

I snigger whenever I consider that second these days. irritated Sameer of that technology got a manner higher competitor Naina after all. I in reality sense happy with her today.

Precap: Sameer holds Naina closer and leans closer for a kiss. She begins sneezing a great deal to his surprise.


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