YUDKBH 22 Feb episode starts with Sameer. Bhabhi starts dancing in Sameer’s baraat. Preeti attempts to stop Bela, however Phula insists. Naina handles the scenario.

Bela dances on Naina’s wedding day. Preeti joins her mom. Anand and Rakesh get emotional. Bela and circle of relatives await Sameer’s baraat.

Naina wants to see Sameer, but the window gets jammed.

Pandit and Munna dance their coronary heart out in Sameer’s baraat. Vishakha joins Sameer and Munna.

Naina’s dupatta gets tangled with the window. happily, Preeti comes on time and facilitates Naina.

Vishakha asks Bobby to enroll inbut he denies. Bobby attempts to stop Vishakha, but she starts offevolved dancing.

Preeti opens the window.

Sameer waves at Naina. He shows the godi. Naina and Sameer get teary-eyed. Naina and Sameer reminisce the coolest old days.
Phula Bua factors out Mama and Mamiji’s black clothes.

Bela performs the groom’s welcome rite. Mamaji and Bobby tease Sameer and Naina’s own family. Sameer waits for Naina on the degree.

He gets drooled over Naina’s bridal apparel.

Sameer complains Naina about her coiffure. She offers excuses. Sameer receives angry. Naina winks at Sameer. Bela asks Anand to conduct the Var Mala ceremony.

Naina and Sameer entire the Var Mala ceremony.

The written replace of 22 February 2019 Yeh Un Dino Ki Baat Hai episode story ends.

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