Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 22nd February 2019 Written Episode Update. Tellyupdates Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 22 February 2019 Full Episode of Sony Liv hindi drama serial Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai full show episodes on Apne Tv.

Naina asks the beautician to make her hair like they were before but beautician tells her it wont happen before 3-4 months. Naina fumes in anger. Chachi ji wont spare me! Preeti shows the door to beautician. This makeup is enough! Beautician leaves. There is another knock on the door. Rinki shouts at Naina to hurry up. Naina looks at herself in the mirror pointedly.

Munna says you are staring at us as if we asked you to play Kabbaddi. Pundit adds that they dint ask him to act like some hero for a horse. Sameer suggests Munna to marry Swati on the same mandap. They go quiet seeing Vishakha there.

Voiceover – Sameer: I was so angry upon myself. I had become a donkey because of a horse! Voiceover – Naina: Sameer became a donkey and I became a bear! Vishakha laughs looking at Sameer. Sameer refuses to go to his wedding with the mark. The photos wont come out nice. Vishakha calls it a small mark. Munna tells her to handle Sameer. There was no trouble throughout but he has lost it now. Sameer stays put. I wont go to wedding like this. He sits in a corner upset. Vishakha looks at him in surprise. Munna and Pundit request her to pacify Sameer.

Naina tells Preeti and Kamya to lie to everyone. Tell them I am unwell and cancel the wedding for now. They ask her if she has gone mad. Naina refuses to go outside with this hairdo. Preeti tells her to be quiet. Let us think of something. On one hand, Preeti and Kamya try to fix Naina’s hairdo (with hair oil) while on the other hand, Munna and Pundit try to fix Sameer’s wound (with makeup). Nothing works in their favour.

Bela knocks at Naina’s door. Come out. How long will you take? Rinki tells Naina to tell her if she will take time. I am ready. I will be the bride. It will be fun. Sameer jija ji will be surprised. We will be like Salman and Madhuri. Naina tells her sister to manage Rinki. She talks nonstop. Bela hits her playfully. You say whatever comes to your mind. She takes Rinki with her telling Naina to come out asap.

Sameer insists he wont go to his wedding like this. Vishakha sternly tells him it isn’t a circus. Voiceover – Sameer: Mumma was right with the word. We were indeed kids which is why our experiments turned out to be complete disasters!

The comb is stuck in Naina’s hair. She keeps shouting and screaming as her hair get pulled. Where is Swati? She is my best friend but she isn’t here. They tell her to focus on this problem first. Preeti advises Naina to close her eyes. Don’t look at yourself for some time. Naina complies. There is another knock on the door. A relative tells Naina to come out fast. Rakesh is getting angry. Naina suggests Preeti to cover her head with her dupatta. Preeti gets an idea. She goes out to bring her dupatta and finds Rinki right outside the door. Rinki is eager to see Naina but Preeti does not let her go inside.

Rakesh is telling the guests to hurry up. He lies that the Baraat has left already. Anand and Bela panic hearing it but Rakesh admits it was to fool the guest. He next scolds Rinki to bring Naina. Rinki shares that Preeti isn’t opening the door. Rakesh goes to check out himself.

Voiceover – Sameer:I wouldn’t have thrown so many tantrums that day if I had known about the Naina’s hairdo. How will I be Sameer Maheshwari without my tantrums? Sameer comes downstairs holding his head. Poonam asks him if he is fine. He nods. Vishakha compliments her son. He sits down for the pagdi ritual (or sehrabandi).

Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 22 February
Naina says Sameer told me to leave my hair open. Kamya teases her to do it then. Don’t tell us if he faints. Naina is eager to open her eyes but they don’t let her. Rakesh knocks on the door repeatedly. Is this how long you will take to get ready? You wont become beauty queens by applying makeup! He demands them to open the door. Preeti asks for 5 minutes while Naina asks for 10 minutes. Rakesh asks them how much time they really want. Preeti complains that he wasted their 5 minutes while talking. I have to get ready too. Kamya says you were ready when I came to see Naina.

Arjun finds Juhi in his room. Tau ji and Tai ji are outside. What are you doing here? She confesses her feelings to him with a rose. It is okay if you don’t love me but I cannot live with this burden anymore. It isn’t important for the one you love to love you back. She begins to go but he says I love you to her in return. I couldn’t gather the courage to say this to you earlier. She smiles.

Preeti and Kamya have tied Naina’s hair with pins and cover her head with dupatta. Naina finally looks at herself.

Vishakha starts the pagdi ritual.

Naina is satisfied with her temporary hairdo. She thanks them. Kamya asks her if Jija ji will let her sit next to him now.

Vishakha keeps pagdi over Sameer’s head and tells him to look at the mirror. Your wound is well hidden now.

Voiceover – Naina:
Preeti and my hair shared some strange connection. She had saved me in 11th from the chewing gum that got stuck in my hair by cutting them off and today by fixing my hair on my wedding too. She was my only lifeline.

Voiceover – Sameer: I had three lifelines – Munna & Pundit, Nanu and Munny (after Nanu’s death). My third lifeline had made me Crorepati, or actually Naina’s Pati by hiding the mark on my forehead.

Sameer folds his hands in reverence before his Nanu’s photo. Vishakha gets emotional seeing him thus.

Preeti announces to everyone that the bride is ready. Everyone gets emotional seeing Naina in the bridal dress. A sad song plays in the background as Bela wards off evil eyes off her and hugs her tight. Rakesh’s eyes well up. He pats her head emotionally and then walks away. Preeti is in tears too. Rakesh tells everyone it is too late. Let’s start the ritual. Preeti and Rakesh wipe their tears. Naina heads inside with Bela and the girls.

Sameer comes outside with his family and relatives. Guests question Mama ji and Mami ji why they are wearing black to a wedding. You are going to become grandparents! They tell the ladies that they wore whatever they found in the drawer. The guests keep staring at them. Mama ji and Mami ji think of going to change but Vishakha does not mind it. Mama ji tells the guests not to stare at them. Groom’s mother has said yes to it. Mama ji next taunts Bobby on his attire.

Phula Bua calls out to Rinki. Rinki asks her Dadi about the ritual. Phula Bua shares that they comb the bride’s hair in this ritual. Naina, Preeti and Kamya get tensed. Phula Bua gives the comb to Bela. Bela lifts Naina’s dupatta.

Precap: Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 22 February 2019 Written Update Celebrations are on in full swing on both sides.


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