Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 22nd July 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

YUDKBH 22 Jul episode begins with Aruna ji concurs. I am certain you will compose truly well. Indeed, even I was bungling when I confronted the camera just because! You simply need to continue learning and be solid. I am certain you will win everybody’s hearts next time. All the best. Naina expresses gratitude toward her.

Aditya and Tanvi feed desserts to one another. Aditya asks Sameer to keep his marriage declaration. I will be in a difficult situation in the event that anybody discovers it. Sameer takes it. Aditya address Tanvi as Mrs. Gadkari. Presently no law can prevent me from embracing you. They share an embrace. Sameer instructs them to leave some sentiment for some other time. You will be in a difficult situation on the off chance that somebody sees you! Will we go now? They take a gander at him. Sameer gives them tickets for their small special night. Aditya says thanks to him. You are my genuine companion. They head home.

Naina is resting/sitting on the stairs. Sameer conceals the marriage authentication. He awakens her. Do you wish to turn into a watchman? She asks him where he was. Father is additionally not here. He understands she dint have the key. She says you had more significant work than going with me. She embraces him. He feels cognizant. She enlightens him to think concerning her. Quit concentrating on individuals. You dint even ask me what has occurred with me. Give me the key. He consents to talk directly here. I couldn’t care less on the off chance that anybody sees us. What was the deal? She embraces him. I couldn’t comprehend whatever anybody was stating. I was so lost. I don’t have the foggiest idea how I will end up being an author! He advises her not to stress. Television will show us how stories advance further. They head inside.

Aditya takes a gander at Tanvi while conversing with Dhondu.

Voiceover – Sameer:

Romantic tales were such back then. Neither the young lady or nor the kid could assemble fearlessness to enlighten their families regarding their darlings. Another lady is altogether decked up yet here Tanvi was wandering around in her standard clothing. Their romantic tale was much the same as mine and Naina – one heart, two bodies!

Rakesh sees Aditya’s look and takes a gander at him inquisitively. Aditya makes an irregular discussion with Rakesh and after that runs upstairs.

Sameer conceals the marriage testament upon a cabinet. Naina plunks down to compose something. Sameer asks Rakesh to rest inside. We will work till late. Rakesh inquires as to whether a match will be circulated. Naina shares that they will sit in front of the TV and figure out how to compose. Rakesh thinks that its futile. You could have carried books to take motivation. Your age is bizarre! He heads inside. Sameer brings tea for himself and Naina. They wind up viewing an unnerving show together. Rakesh taps at Naina from behind and she yells in stun. Considerably Sameer shouts.

Rakesh holds his chest worriedly. Naina and Sameer turn off the TV. Naina takes a gander at Sameer who has nodded off. She rings an alert to wake him up. He says I was thinking about the storyline. She inquires as to whether he wheezes while thinking. What would it be a good idea for us to do now? He gets thinking. They abscond and have a court marriage. She stresses that individuals wont like it. shouldn’t something be said about their family? He thinks that its privilege however she thinks that its troublesome that the young lady will concur. He advises her that she also stole away from her home. Wouldn’t you have had a court marriage with me if the circumstance was such? Despite everything he exhibits his point immovably. She says you are talking as though you know the person since years. He denies. She says this is the reason we should initially make sense of who this person is. We can’t do anything like this. Them two nod off. She begins talking in her rest.

Tanvi and Aditya meet at a shop. She asks him what will happen now as they are hitched. He attempts to talk impractically yet she appreciates prodding him professing to be vexed. He winds up expediting a grin her face with his standard plays on words. She says I was kidding. I miss you without question. The shop merchant intrudes on their discussion. He gives her something. Shubham shouts to Tanvi.

Aruna ji, Naina and Sameer talk about the story further. She endorses their thought. Naina and Sameer are going to embrace however stop themselves. Aruna ji leaves the space to give them a chance to praise their minute. They embrace energetically.

Precap: Sameer attempts to appease Naina.


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