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Naina tells Sameer she became hungry. Chachi ji instructed me to p.c. some thing to eat. Will you devour? He asks her if she surely manner it. Do you have any fashionable or now not? Who wears cardigans over fits? you are ingesting Chakli in a five big name resort! You ruined all my plans. I could take you out from Ahmedabad but I couldn’t take out Ahmedabad from you.

Voiceover – Naina:
the affection affair can be of years but you understand the real avatar of someone handiest after marriage. You start to also surprise if you made the proper decision of marrying this fool or now not.

a good deal to Sameer’s surprise, Naina is still munching onto the Chakli as she sobs.

Sameer wakes up inside the nighttime and isn’t sleepy. He peeks at Naina who is drowsing peacefully. He grabs the packet of Chakli stealthily

and munches onto it. He looks at Naina to cover the noise.
Voiceover – Sameer:
Upon my go back, when I instructed Naina about it, we each laughed over the incident like loopy. She very proudly advised me that Ahmedabad’s Chakli came to help in the long run. i’d have remained Kud-kud-kumar if I hadn’t eaten it. Naina dint come to Ooty most effective to consume Chakli in the end. I needed to surprise her once more subsequent morning.

subsequent morning, Sameer has included Naina’s eyes and takes her outside. She asks him about it however he gets rid of his hand handiest as soon as they are outside. She looks on the desk adorned with a heart manufactured from rose petals and smiles. Waiters serve them breakfast there. Sameer asks her if he must get Chakli from the room if this seems less. He holds her hands and makes her sit down down. He says a romantic shayari for her. Ae Kaash ke Hum performs as they feed each other breakfast. He asks for Aashiqui pose. this will be the most romantic moment of our honeymoon. He brings camera and his jacket. She indicates calling waiter however his digital camera has timer. He places it above two glasses. He also makes her get rid of her sweater. the click happens before he can surely put on his jacket. The digicam clicks in any respect the incorrect instances.

Voiceover – Naina:
lower back then, there have been no smart phones or selfie sticks. It changed into a massive challenge to vicinity timer in cameras. We wasted a whole movie while clicking the photo in our favorite pose. It is ideal that it dint manifest as it is one among my quality reminiscences of lifestyles.

Sameer offers up on the digital camera. Naina hugs him from in the back of and he calms down right now. She kisses him at the cheeks as he turns around and runs internal. Sameer touches his cheek cutely. He jumps in pleasure.

Preeti is on call with Naina. How are you each? Mummy is after my existence. She wishes me to take a look at. Are you troubling Jija ji too? Naina tells her that it dint take place. We roamed around and are in a 5 superstar resort right now. Preeti desires she turned into there too. Bela talks to Naina. Are you each consuming the snacks that I packed? Naina recollects the remaining night’s argument and lies to Bela. Bela tells Naina that girls should do something special to make her husband glad. you’ll have to wash your and Sameer’s spoiled clothes. They smell when you preserve such clothes within the suitcase. men don’t find it irresistible. Naina comfortably has the same opinion.

Voiceover – Naina:
until now you saw Naina and Sameer’s stunning dream. Now you’ll find out the way it broke into portions. Chachi ji informed me the proper component however little did I recognize that that idea will wreck Sameer and my plans completely.

Sameer asks Naina why she isn’t equipped. She shows her garments to him to choose. He selects a blue one for her. it will appearance perfect on you. She smiles. I heard what you told me. Will you pay attention to me now? He nods. She asks him in the event that they need to study a little earlier than they go out of doors. Our final tests will start the instant we are home. He gives in but stands / sits romantically with her. he is busy caressing her cheek as she points at the subjects. He asks her in which she will be able to go subsequent. She asks him to observe first but he gets disillusioned. She closes the book. inform me in which we will go. He asks her to wager it. they are headed to Rose Park and boating (he write all of it on her returned the use of his palms). He very neatly writes the phrase kiss too. He tries pulling her for a kiss but she continues bringing the e book in among. lovely song performs in the background. He ends up making her face him by way of a little pressure and leans closer for the kiss. She starts sneezing simply then.

Voiceover – Sameer:
I concept Naina and that i had come on my own on honeymoon but she had delivered along two guests specifically cold and fever.

Precap: Naina maintains sneezing at every right time (kiss time or photograph time). Sameer walks away in a huff.


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