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YUDKBH 23 Apr episode Voiceover – Sameer:
things trade so all at once. earlier, Naina used to fear which dress Sameer would like whenever she needed to visit a party. Now she was concerned that Sameer would also be there. earlier she used to look ahead to assembly him however now it seemed like some punishment!

Hum Aapke Hain Kaun performs. Naina appears at herself blankly in the mirror. alternatively, Sameer appears on the house lamentably. He calls his mom. She understands he has been crying and panics. What happened? Say some thing. Sameer wipes his tears and disconnects the call. He continues crying.

Munna reprimands his pals for coming overdue. He introduces Hema and Kamya to Rewa. Pundit additionally enters just then. Kamya says we by no means thought Munna will get this type of stunning spouse. Rewa thanks them. Pundit teases his friend that monkey got fortunate with splendor. Munna chases him around the banquet. Pundit suddenly gets misplaced seeing someone. He asks Munna about that woman. Rewa shares that she is her cousin Nisha. She introduces Nisha to Munna’s pals. Raj also greets them simply then. Pundit steps again seeing Nisha’s husband. Raj asks for Naina and Sameer. Nisha says you don’t seem to have recognized me. i was your senior in college. They understand her. Raj shares that Nisha has been speaking about Naina and Sameer due to the fact that she has met him. Nisha tells him to fulfill them and understand if she changed into lying or being sincere. in which are they? Munna says hero and heroine always input later. Sameer enters. Naina enters a 2d overdue and collides with him. She walks away however he calls out to her. Your healthy’s is unzipped. Don’t you understand the way to put on it?

Voiceover – Sameer:
Naina and i is probably stuck with celebration song but there has been ordinary silence among us. I wished that there was some way to silent it in a second.

Hum Aapke Hain kaun starts gambling as Sameer fixes Naina’s zip. Sameer indicates her to be with him. we can should act for Munna’s sake. She nods. anybody greets them. Raj asks them to share their story. Sameer says someone made me fall for her. Naina jokes that harmless humans do fall frequently. Their friends speak of what all both have completed for every other. They even argue as to who loves the opposite the maximum. Naina and Sameer don’t forget their fight / slaps. Rewa declares that both of them seem mad for every other. Pundit calls her smart. Swati comes there. She is married. She congratulates the couple. Munna introduces her as frock wali pundit.

Voiceover – Sameer:
Munna and Swati set an appropriate example of moving on that day.

everybody gathers for a collection photograph. Sameer and Naina pose awkwardly with every other for the pictures. She walks away as quickly as she unearths a chance. Chupana Bhi Nahi Aata plays. Naina and Sameer thieve glances at every different. Pundit even makes them stand together for snap shots. Swati looks at Munna lamentably. Naina notices her gaze. You pass over him? Swati says time heals the entirety. go away all this. How’s your marriage going? Naina asks her about her husband. Swati calls him dull. I stated that one love story is sufficient for Ahmedabad. Munna and Rewa have a look at every other. Munna sips cold drink from a bottle. He sends that bottle for Rewa who gladly drinks from it. Naina and Sameer have seen it too. They think about their past second. Munna smiles shyly seeing Rewa drink from his bottle.

Sameer beverages half Cola and sends the bottle in the direction of Naina. Kamya pulls her apart on the proper moment. Sameer walks away angrily. Naina picks that bottle from the desk and sips from it. She smiles a little. Sameer realises he dint bring a present for Munna whilst Naina shows him the gift. He thanks her. Munna will like it while we will supply it to him collectively. She nods. Pundit asks them to come for dance. Naina says Munna will find it irresistible more while we can dance together.

Naina starts offevolved dancing on Tamma Tamma music. Sameer joins her. anybody joins them ultimately for a set dance. Naina thinks of their glad moments collectively and walks away feeling sad. Sameer notices her leaving. Naina cries in a nook. Sameer gives his kerchief. what’s going to every person suppose if you’ll cry in front of anyone? She replies that she came in a corner so no person will see. You can not forestall crying when you experience hurt. He asks her why she dint tell him when it hurts. You used to tell me the whole lot within the past. You had a proper on me! She nods. I should as you weren’t like this earlier.

Voiceover – Sameer:
A tube mild sparkles lots when it’s no longer working nicely. It both lights up or dies away. What do you observed occurred with us?

Precap: Sameer says our love has modified now. They turn and find their friends observing them. they stroll out in two exceptional guidelines.


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