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YUDKBH 25 Apr episode Vishakha tells Sameer he got an awesome face but a foolish mind. You fought with the female who loves you so much. no person can love you greater than Naina, not even me. You have been proper that nobody can love you or understand you greater than Naina. you’re incomplete without her. Sameer hugs her. you’re right. it is my fault! I have to have advised Naina everything going on inside the manufacturing unit. She changed into seeking to make me satisfied. Now it’s far my turn. Vishakha instructs him to do 10 take a seat united statesand apologize to Naina. He denies. i can do it 10k instances. She smiles. Why do you do the whole thing in severe? pass and produce my DIL asap. Landline earrings. Bela informs Sameer that Naina has met with an accident. Sameer drops the cellphone in shock, tells his mom and rushes out of the house!

Sameer reaches Agarwal house. Bela tells him to go inside. Sameer runs toward the room and unearths Naina napping. He notices her wounds and feels bad. He caresses her head and tells her to open her eyes. i’m sorry. I promise I wont fight, argue or scold you ever! i’m able to give an explanation for the whole lot evenly to you. Please forgive me. I took a touch longer to understand. i used to be your lover and then became your husband but now i’m your lover again. i was coming to take you domestic simplest. I wont depart you ever, not even in 7 births! I wont say some thing to you ever however please open your eyes. maintain the house untidy if you need, do anything however please open your eyes. Did you forgive me? Naina all at once seems at him. I heard the entirety. I dint prevent you as I heard such candy matters from you after very long. He enables her sit up and hugs her. they say i love you to every other. She says it wasn’t simply your fault but we have been equally at fault. to any extent further, one folks will stay calm at the same time as the other is shouting. We should ignore every different’s faults a bit. We have to spend our married lifestyles with extra love and endurance than we spent the four years we spent collectively earlier than marriage. He nods and hugs her. She breaks the hug seeing Bela on the door however he hugs her once more.

Vishakha opens the door to welcome Naina and Sameer.

Voiceover – Sameer:
Naina and my wedding ceremony used to start best after pushing it a bit (like a motorcycle is pushed whilst it runs out of petrol or diesel). That kick only made us understand that we can’t let the love fall out of our hands for which we fought so hard. How may want to we permit that love turn out to be our enemy?

Pundit welcomes Naina and Sameer with flower shower. all of them sit down collectively. Pundit says Bhabhi appears satisfied. Sameer brings tea for anyone. How’s it? Vishakha and Pundit examine him in puzzlement but they compliment it. Naina says it isn’t nicely made to tease him however all and sundry smiles. Pundit says it’s miles nicely cooked much like our friendship and your love. Naina nods. Mama ji greets all people. He tells Vishakha he has no wrong intention in his thoughts. i am now not even cheating Sameer. he’s just like Devang for me. Vishakha says you wouldn’t have finished this if you certainly idea him to be like that. Naina nods. He has simply began mastering the language and dealings of enterprise. Mama ji says time teaches the whole lot. he left our residence and got this big bungalow without us. He prepared his wedding on his own. he’s going to study this too.

He is sensible enough. Vishakha tells him to let Sameer study under him for a yr. Sameer calls it his plan. wish Nanu hadn’t introduced him right here! Mama ji says I talk to flippantly but he loses his cool so soon. this is the trouble of this technology. Devang can in no way talk to me like this! I dint feel this bad the day he left our house. He has always misunderstood me and that’s the way you guys are searching at me proper now. it is okay if he does now not believe me. Such matters show up in enterprise. I don’t need any arguments. He gives them the commercial enterprise file. i’ve written every small factor here. you may beat me if you find even one mistake! Sameer and Naina undergo the report. Sameer asks about one precise expenditure. Mama ji says 34 lacs were spent to your wedding. Munna and Pundit understand about it. Sameer had warned us to let his pals take something that they ask for. I dint say a word. He narrates every unmarried price beneath that quantity. Pundit says the necklace was of two.5 lacs. Mama ji speaks of bill. Sameer tells him he’ll take a look at the invoice from Munna and Pundit later. You give an explanation for to me first. Mama ji points on the residence, honeymoon, his help to Anand and other such fees. You get 10 lacs and forty% proportion of manufacturing facility after this expenditure. it’s miles up to you what you do subsequent. you may promote me your share of factory if you don’t desire to do enterprise. i will buy it in 10 lacs. Being your Mama, i can try this a good deal for you!

Naina says how Sameer can most effective get 10 lacs after taking forty-45 lacs. Pundit nods. Nana ji used to say that he will leave a lot for Sameer that his 7 generations can enjoy. Mama ji replies that he had no idea Sameer will use the entirety in a single pass. Mama ji tells his sister to call CA or lawyer and get it checked. i am now not lying. we’re best parting approaches in business but the relations wont alternate. name me whenever while you need me. let me recognise in case you want any notion or help on your new business. You want it even though because the humans are you’re very smart mainly Naina. i’m sure there wont be any tension till the time she is with you. He excuses himself after inviting Vishakha over at his house.

Voiceover – Sameer:
That day I felt as though Mama ji changed into a villain who turned into capturing words at me. That day I realised two things. preserve a tab of your charges. humans exchange hues similar to Mama ji!

Precap: Naina tells Sameer that when they grew roses inside the beyond, it taught them that they may get thorns along with the plants. i am with you at every step of life, irrespective if we get thorns or flora in our manner!

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Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 25 April 2019
Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 25th April 2019
Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 25 April
Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 25th April


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